MUFON 56991

Alien implant My name is [Name removed/cms/tg], I was and grew up in Morocco. In 1997 I moved to U.S.A. When I was still living in Morocco in the last week of march 1990, I lived in a region called Suragha in Morocco. It is quiet, empty area with very few human presence. One night I saw a yellow square space aircraft land 15 to 20 meters in front of me with yellow beam of high bright headlight, and it's size was approx. 7-8 meters. It move to the left side of my body, suddenly I saw 2 space aircraft dishes were hovering one on top of the other, separated by a distance of 2 meters between them and 8-10 meters between me and them. The 2 space aircraft dishes then started to direct beam of light which was high and bright towards my body For 10 -15 minutes. Suddenly I heard somebody speaking pure Arabic language for 1-2 minutes. After a while I was unconscious, 1 hour or more passed, I woke up from my unconscious state and they were gone. I am certain the yellow square space aircraft put injections inside my body. I thought they were angels from the sky and I started seeing them for 5 years. One day they tried to throw me into the black holes. At that time I began realize how wrong I was. those were not angels from the sky but they are aliens from another planet or another solar system. I am definitely sure they injected inside my body alien green stuff. So I am implanted. I left the unpopulated region of Suragha and went back to cassablanca to my famly. After 2 years I came to the U.S.A, but the problem is I still hear them. In December 2011 I lost my hearing in my left ear. Until today they are still torturing me until now. In may 13, 2012 I sent my problem to mufon but I couldn't reach you. But this time I usd strong light on my body, suddenly I was surprised because I saw part of an alien green stuff in my body, immediately I took pictures with my phone. Now I have the picture in my phone. Please, please save my life.
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