MUFON 56423

{rjl} Taking pictures of chemtrails and this light circle orb showed up in pictures, I was driving to Yuma, CO, to go to the grocery store. I noticed numerous chemtrails and spraying going on in the sky. I took some pictures with my cell phone. One of the last photos I took had this light circle show up right above the chemtrails. It was not visible with the naked eye, and it was not the sun or moon. The picture was taken facing south approx. 7 pm on Friday night, May 16, 2014. I have no idea what it is. On that same night after shopping I took another picture of a jet spraying with another jet under it with no spray, disproving the contrail theory. The jet under the other jet was very unusual and looked almost black with an odd shape to it. I have attached that picture as well. Another strange event happened to me taking pictures 2 weeks ago. There was the most unusual cloud formations I have ever seen over the city of Greeley, so I stopped to take some pictures with my cell phone. After the first picture, my camera locked up and my scan disk got erased, and all of my pictures were erased off my camera. Some time later after I restarted my cell phone the camera started working again, but all of my gallery is gone and my scan disk was entirely erased. There was something very very odd about those clouds and of course my photo was erased!
Source ID56423