MUFON 55561

In 1973 my friend and I witnessed two elongted light objects (multi-colored desend from what looked like double stars, hovered and dissipated into solid rock While in the desert between nogales and douglas on the border on the mexican side, a friend and I were resting on a plato before climbing down the adjacent cliff. I saw what appeared to be a double star but they moved and grew larger as they approached. I became very scared not nowing what it could be and was in a precarious situation. The objects became multi-colored (every color of the rainbow) but the outline was basically white. They went from double star in space to what I descibed in about 4 minutes. They hovered over a large cravass approx., 400' deep. Something strange occured in that I ran toward them rather than away to try and escape. My heart I recall was beating out of my chest so to speak and was odd I think that I ran in that direction. It probably took several minutes for me to get to the edge of the large cravass but when I got there I witnessed both objects disappate into solid rock. I wasn't aware but my friend was next to me and did the same as I. We didn't discuss this until breakfgast the next morning and never again after that. I have been hearing a lot on T.V., of sightings but have not heard any accounts of what I call light people moving through solid matter. I thought you would be interested in this testimony. I have not discussed this but with my wife of 40years and would gladly provide further information if necessary but would not want to have our lives changed in any way due to this encounter. This is something that happened to me years ago and she was not part of that time. Kind regards and I hope this helps-- [Name removed/cms/tg]
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