MUFON 55099

{dr}saw jet then saw brightlight making 1201 instantturns ejects12lights stops sucksup 12lights 1201turn shootsdisappears My friend [Name removed/cms/tg] and i were working on the roof of the wilderness resort with a crew. With the military base close by we watched for jets which flashed over periodically. Around 4pm i looked up and saw a passenger jet and to the left of that a bright light attracted my attention. I pointed to it and asked "T" what he thought it was. We watched it do a triangular patern in the air and it wasnt a smooth arching triangle. What ever it was did 3 - 1201 turns ON A DIME. I said holy @#$% did u see that? And "T" said yeah and we kept watching as the light stopped dead and like a turtle spitting out eggs it ejected in a uniform string directly behind it about 12 smaller but almost as bright white as the big one. After about 30 seconds it was like a shop vac sucking up golf balls 1 by 1 the tsmaller lites got suck up into the big lite and itstarted moving slow in a straight line the picked up speed did another 1201 turn and then it was like it was shot out of a gun and it disappeared with like a comet tail behind it which disappearred as fast ad the object itself . We both looked at eachother and we just stood there for a few moments trying to absorb what it was we just saw. And then the boss started yelling and we got back to work. But to this day we wonder what we saw. Has anyone seen anything like this please? Cause i wanna know im not seeing things. Thanx for listening. And im not crazy
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