MUFON 54626

Bright yellow-orange light travelling at apparent speed of a jet, with no noise There were 4 of us sitting at the edge of the lagoon formed by the Placencia peninsula, watching the sunset. We were at the northern edge of the village of Placencia. Another person, facing north west, said "What is that?" We all looked up to see a light travelling at what appeared to be the trajectory of a low-flying jet aircraft. What was immediately obvious was that it did not appear to be an aircraft. There was no object visible, only a light that appeared larger than an aircraft light, and considerably brighter. I was waiting for the sound to reach us, as it might from a jet, after it is first visible. No sound was heard. It traveled a straight line from NE to SW. At one point, it was in front of a cloud that appeared to be relatively close and low. The last we saw of it was when it entered a large cloud bank to the SW. The whole sighting lasted about 15 seconds. We all agreed that it was unusual to say the least, not looking like anything familiar to any of us.
Source ID54626