MUFON 53871

Metallic sphere slowly hovering, disappearing abruptly. It was a sunny relatively clear afternoon in Autumn (Fall 2011). I was driving home with my girlfriend sometime in the early afternoon. As I was passing the following coordinates N 49.622555 E6.083801 , my girlfriend pointed out that there was a strange object in the sky. I observed the object through the top left corner of my windshield. It looked like a relatively distant, small metallic ball. I made a U-Turn approximately 200 meters away and lost sight of the object. When I came back to the initial location of the sighting (approximately 60-70s later), we stopped the car and got out of it. We observed the object once more. It was now closer to us, bigger. It was relatively clear that it was a metallic ball, very shiny. We followed it as it moved approximately 15 degrees to the west/northwest , having been lost and reappearing a few times behind trees. I would estimate the distance of the object to be approximately 1-5km away. The size was approximately 0.5-5m in diameter. I don't know how to corroborate the size. I am an amateur pilot, I am used to have to judge object sized at a high distance, so this is just based on my instinct. The behavior of the object that was the strangest was when object moved to the approximately north direction of the sky, it started accelerating away dramatically, in a nearly straight line, towards an elevation of 70 degrees, diminishing in size and distance on the horizon drastically. I would estimate that the speed at which it was disappearing (as opposed to airplanes) was between 5k-10k km/h. Eventually, somewhere within 30s, the object disappeared.
Source ID53871