MUFON 53275

Pulsating light hovering in a far distance. I was just going to the kitchen, when i looked out of the window and saw some kind of light. At first i thought that it might be a space station, but after I looked more closely i saw it move back and forth, up and down. I took my camera, set it on tripod. The shutter speed was at 10 sec, F stop at 5.6 and ISO at 100, zoom was at 55mm. Took some shots and in one particular I saw the object actually move straight, a little bit up and down. I know that i didn't touch the camera while i was shooting, and it was taken inside the house, so there was no wind, that could make this distortion. Unfortunatly there there isnt any comparison with nature, because the object was pretty far away, so i had to zoom in close to actually take the foto.
Source ID53275