MUFON 52759

{rjl} it was yellow glowing with a whitelight in the centar and it had an apparitional figure and a white aura around it and was static me an two friends were going o the store last night to get some beer and i was looking out the window and suddenly this ball like object an it was glowing like a super saiyan from dragon ball z(dbz). came down from the atmosphere and hovered for 1 minute with a static like aura and static sound and shock, it was yellow/goldish and in the center was white and what looked like an apparational figure or feature of some sort and like i said before it was orb like in appearance. it was pulsatingly bright as well and only i alone could feel that static and hear the pulse from it and i don't know why. But after one minute it took off at superman speed straight and then it changed its coarse and went west towards the woods. today i saw not one but six to seven military helicopters pass over my college to the direction that the object went. the feeling in had last night was shock awe and i barely had any sleep just thinking about it and the funny thing is is that today was my last final exam. i barely ate lunch today and usually im a pretty hungry guy. i was surprised that i wasnt even hungry and ive never felt this way before. its supper time and im still not hungry. but thats my case. i didn't have time to record it sadly. nobody has to believe me but i know what i saw last night and i know what i feel.
Source ID52759