MUFON 52526

A huge circle hovered above the baracks on Bayconur for 30min. In the year 1983 I was in service in the Soviet Army. We were in Central Kazachstan - Baykonur - soviet space and missile sight. Approximately in Spring of 1983 the entire battalion was summoned on emergency call to a main plaz in front of the battalion headquarters. It was very unsual because number one - it never happened before at night. NUMBER TWO - nobody knew the reason or what was going on. Officers had no idea why we were called out. After a few minutes someone point our attention to the sky. There was a huge - I mean really big - object covering about one quarter of the sky. Its like looking at the bottom of the plate. All we could see was a PERFECT circle of blackness with a slight glow around the edges. After a while (about 30-45 minutes) this object simply disappeared. Shortly after we were called back to baracks. eventhough I never seen any landing or flight of this object - it probably scared our military high command quite a lot. Enough to call out all the battalions in the area to high alert. I realize that this Sighting by itself is insignificant, but it might help you in conjunction with other sightings or simply to keep the timeline.
Source ID52526