MUFON 51630

Over a mosque, I didnt see, camera caught it So 2 years ago i was in Saudi Arabia to do "Umrah" Muslims do it, Anyway, I was taking pictures and at first when i saw them 2 YEARS LATER which is now, i thought it was the light, but when i moved back to take pics ( NOTE: I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THERE WAS A UFO THERE..I WAS JUST TAKING PICS OF THE 2 MINARETS, LUCKILY I TOOK MORE PICS) , I saw windows in the photo as you can see and little light bulbs and it was just so weird....Looks like it was flying down. Maybe the human eye cant see it? I don't know. I cant answer a few questions that it says like how did you feel and all because i didn't know it was there. So....i am not sure what it is...don't hate. Please tell me what you think!
Source ID51630