MUFON 48741

disc-like I was in the US Army stationed at a Hurcules Missile site on Braunsberg. I was duty driver that night. When I got a call from the officer on duty. He wouldn't tell me what he want except that he wanted me to drive to the missile site. So I drove to the site, he greeted me personally, which was not normal. He was shaken up at first I thought we had some terrorist activity, at that period the Bida-Manhoff Gang was active but we were remote and didn't have any documented activity there.then he told me what happened it seems that a disc shaped UFO had hovered over the missile site for about 20 - 40 min and one of the tower guards lost it and started shooting at it. they subdued the guard and wanted me to take him to Landstuhl Military Hospital. I took the soldier and drove off, time approx. 4am it was very dark. On the way I missed a turnoff, I proceeded till I could turn around, then I drove back to the turnoff. I had to drive real slow because it was a hairpin corner. approx 5 mile an hr. as I was in the middle of the turn everything went black I was consious but could't see anything outside the vehicle I turned my head and looked at the guard sitting in the pass. seat his look was one of dissmay and fear I tapped the breaks lightly not knowing exactly where I was suddenly the vehicle was leaning at an approx 45% angle, finally coming to a stop I put the car in park and opened my door I had to hold myself on the doorway of the car so as not to fall out. but the strange thing was the sun was suddenly up. I got some help to get the car out and took the soldier to landstuhl. On the way back I stopped by the IFC area and asked if there was anything unusual happened and they said they had a sighting on the radar the next day I checked with 2 other sister sites and they reported the same. After that no one ever talked about it again.
Source ID48741