MUFON 47949

Mother & I witness during total lunar eclipse. Date unkown, but traceable. Where: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Doing: Observing complete Lunar Eclipse with another witness First Notice: What appeared to be a star, moved First Action: Must be an airplane. However no noise Object Actions: Initially motionless. Star like. Then moved, silently Object Motions: No movement initially... hovered. Then movements in straight line. followed by other movements and angular trajectory not humanly possible. Lost Sight: The object sped off to the West, at a high rate of speed. The total Lunar Eclipse was a memorable event to watch, but it was icing on the cake to witness a UFO event. This is reported now, though pretty old, it was before UFO's were being reported. My only hope would come from an astronomer who could pinpoint the exact date of this sighting. I think it is around the same time as Roswell N.M. or the state of Washington UFO reports of 1947 or 1946?
Source ID47949