MUFON 47833

Light east to west disappeared beyond trees. Returned heading SSE disappeared horizon. September/October 1959. I was in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Whellus AB, Libya, North Africa. Another Airman and I were walking back to the barracks after going to a movie. The surrounding area was dark and the night sky was clear. We were chit-chating about different things when a moving Light appeared in the sky heading in the same direction we were walking (West). We watched it disappear beyond the trees. We turned around to see if there was anything else behind us, thinking the light must have come from that direction. There was nothing unusual. We discussed what we had just seen and concluded it must have been a satellite. The Light was bigger than the stars, made no sound, and appeared faster than any aircraft (jets) we had seen. There was no vapor trail illuminated by the stars. The whole incident took about five (5) seconds. We didn't think anything more about it until a few minutes later the Light came back from beyond the trees (I can't be sure if it was the exact spot where it disappeared earlier), this time heading in a general South South East direction. We watched it travel across the clear sky until it again disappeared, this time over the horizon. Once again there was no sound and no vapor trail that we could see. Our reaction this time was a little spooked since we were well accustomed to jet engine noise. When we got back to the barracks, we told our friends what we saw. Someone called the Flight line Control Tower and asked if they had seen anything. Their reply was no. In hindsight and thinking back to their location on the flight line, the Light we saw would have been behind them. And since their primary duty is to observe the flight line, it's understandable they would not have seen the light. We did not think about asking about radar. One other thing I can remember is someone telling us the time and we both remarked that it could not be that late. How late? I have no idea just that it seemed later than what time we thought it should be. I don't recall if the Light blocked out the stars. I have since seen satellites in the sky and can say the Light was bigger than a satellite and travelled much faster. I can also say I believe the Light we saw was in a much lower altitude than a satellite.
Source ID47833