MUFON 47138

Straight line path; very low; clustre of dull irregular asymmetrical orbs; dull trail with gorgeous coloured twinkling stars all over Hello there, pal! Ny balcony and first floor flat had an open view of the sea right on the beach in "Playa de San Sebastian" in the old quarter of Sitges, Barcelona. (I have since moved to another flat here) My view was one quarter land, three quarters sea, on line with the beach, facing south-west towards the Balearic Islands, well over the horizon. Enoying the spring air on a perfect night on my balcony,at 1:30 am, I thought I saw fireworks crossing over the roof of a hotel on my left. (Quite a common event at any time here in Spain for weddings or football matches!)Seeing the straight parallel path to the ground - and then to the sea, I could immediately see the lights most certainly were not fireworks! A clustre of 5-6 irregular, dull glowing shaped nuggets, held together somehow, in no particular pattern, emitted long trails of dull pale hair behind, at the height of a low helicopter and at a low speed. The nuggets were about 12 feet across or less and the long trails around 100 yards. - It was breathtakingly spectacular, because the entire length was twinkling all over from front to back with the most gorgeous twinkling intermittent stars of the purest, subtle, separate colours! - I think even more beautiful than from a prism. I watched the objects and the beautiful trail pass across my vision from left to right for a period of about one minute, in a straight, unwavering, completely parallel, horizontal path right out into the open sea to the horizon until they disappeared. I calculate in the direction of Menorca; one of the Balearic islands. I ran down to the beach where a couple were walking a dog and asked them if they had seen them. They said they were planes! - I then telephoned two newspapers in Barcelona; but of course nobody was on the newsdesk. The next morning I was apalled by the moronic reactions of two of my neighbours when I described what I had seen. Then I telephoned an old lady friend in Barcelona who congratulted me on my good luck. In one hour she excitedly phoned me back and told me the entire radio network was buzzing with the news, and advised me to put on the TV for the midday news, which I did. It had been a mass sighting! - But the official, typical explanations for the phenomina were ludicrous - as they were in the newspapers the next day too. I was forced to conclude that what I had seen had been zig-zagging over the entire area of Catalonia that night - or else there had been several clustres doing the same thing. In the newspaper a pilot flying a small load of merchandise from Reus to Barcelona had described lights which travelled with him and continued on in the direction of the French frontier when he had to land at Prat Airport. THIS flight direction was the opposite to what I had seen! ALSO a traffic policeman in Barcelona, with a far inferior view of the sky than mine for sure, described EXACTLY what I had seen in every detail ... BUT he was 37 kms away approximately! - So we were NOT watching at the same time and this strange phenomina was obviously very busy that night zooming all over the area in whatever mission it had. I have to say; as I watched the beautiful colours disappear over the horizon; because of the dead straight unwavering path and height, I did have a distinct sense of a PURPOSE; whatever it was! I wished them back, whatever they were; and waited an hour with a loaded camera.The next night at the same time I waited again with a camera ready. Sadly, they were gone forever. All the very best to you all. Alan PS) I do sometimes wonder - but really only pure conjecture - IF In front of this beautiful exhaust there might have been a vast invisible or black craft which did not register with me, since my eyes were focussed only on those fabulous colours emitted behind! Now, with having followed Dr Steven Greers latest admirable projects closely, I am intending to go to the Montserrat mountain behind Barcelona, where famous ufologists gather every 11th of every month. I hope to find out what was really going on during that night 20 years ago!
Source ID47138