MUFON 46471

{nd} Clear night sky, a black almost clocked rectangle with red glowing lights on each cornor that also seemed clocked, traveling at a high rate of speed and did not make a noise east to west. I was in the back yard taking a smoke at 9:30. Between 9:30 and 9:31 I looked south at about a 45 to75 degree angle and saw a low flying black rectangle object that almost seemed to match the night sky, with 4 red low luminous lights on each corner. Sighting lasted only a few seconds. The object was very hard to see, so that made me stare at it. First thing I thought was I have never seen anything like that. The object move east to west at a very high rate of speed and did not make a noise. If it were a fighter jet, it would have been very loud and this object made not a sound. The probable size was about like a big fighter jet. The sighting made me a little excited and made me smoke a couple of more smokes. Lost sight of the object because it went behind the tree line.
Source ID46471