MUFON 46111

filmed orb in clear blue sky also next evening in dark sky flying around. I was in bed with my wife it was approx wife noticed an object in the dark sky as we had the doors open (we were by the ocean )she asked me what it was .i didn't know what it was but took a still photo ,it was bright and seemed to be shooting round one area of sky .I then switched my cameraiew and returned to video mode .I steadied myself to the door frame and filmed the orb shooting left toright at great speed then dropping out of shoot and returning into view at great speed ,the object then stood stationary and pulsated omitting different colours then it completly turned off from view then revealed itsself again .The orb was quite a distance away and i had to zoom in to get the film as the night skies had now turned to bright blue skies. The light it was omitting seemed so much brighter than even a star.I was excited as i had never seen anything like this before but i knew it was not a normal thing to see .After a few minutes of filming i zoomed out to get a ref of where i was filming from (beach hut trees ect ) and when i zoomed back to the same area the orb which could before beclearly seen had vanished .We showed the owners of the hotel the film and they had not ever seen anything like it before .our location was called coral reef bay aruba ,over the next few days we witnessed a couple of very strong storms in the area .ive tried before to attach viedeo here without luck here is the actual first nightime photo aand some stills from the film .i can forward a discof the day time film and also a night time film on request.
Source ID46111