MUFON 44987

Round firey yellow orange object descended at incredible speed stopped above a warehouse hovered for aproximately 10 minutes and then ascended at incredible speed. My father was in the Air Force and we were stationed in Tripoli Libya North Africa on Wheelus AFB. I was 10 years old at the time and my house was about 100 yards from the Mediterainian it was on base housing. It was approximately 10:30 pm. myself and two friends Judy & Billy were sitting on the curb just hanging out and talking while our parents were in my house having a get together and they made us play outside. As far as I remember we were the only ones out on the street that I remember. There was a base warehouse about 100 yards down the street from where we were in a big open field. We were just hanging out talking and looking at the stars and moon. I noticed that one of the stars was getting bigger and bigger. I asked my friends if they saw it and yes they did. We watched as this light came down at an incredibe speed. At first we thought it was a meteor but when it got about 50 feet above the warehouse it stopped in an instant and just hovered over the warehouse. It was about 60' wide it looked like a ball of fire but there wasn't any heat or noise. It just hovered over the warehouse it was yellow and red in color it wasn't really on fire but thats the only way I can describe it. It scared the hell out of us so we didn't move we just watched it we didn't say anything. It stayed over the warehouse for what I think was about 5 or 6 minutes and then it got a little brighter and took off straight up at an incredible speed then it made a turn toward the East at about a 45 degree angle. As soon as we were sure it was gone we ran to my house and got our parents attention and told them what we saw. My father stepped outside and looked toward the warehouse and of course there wasn't anything there now so he told us to stop making things up stay in the yard and stop bothering them with nonsense. We decided to walk over to the warehouse to see if there was anything there that could prove what we were saying but there wasn't anything there. We of course couldn't get on top of the warehouse because we were kids and the warehouse was about 20' high and all metal so we couldn't see anything either. Us kids talked about it for a while after but we all eventually got transfered to different places and it was forgotten about. The thing that made me report this now is a show on the History channel about the Shag Harbour sighting it was around the same time period as what happened to me and it brought back the memories of what I saw. Now as an adult and thinking about it I can't believe that no one else on the base saw anything or that the control tower or base radar didn't pick anything up. This base was used to train F-100 pilots and they were constantly flying training missions. My father was a Crash & Rescue fireman so I was familier with the flight operations because as a kid I hung out as much as possible with my dad at work because I wanted to be a Fighter Pilot. I asked my dad about it when I was in my early 20's and all he would tell me is that there were things he couldn't and wouldn't tell me but that we were not alone. I of course questioned him but he never said anything else about it and wouldn't talk about it. Near the end of his service he was an fire instructer and helped to write some of the Air Forces Tech manuals which I think my mom still has. I read some of them just after he passed away and there are sections that deal with UFO's and how to handle situations involving them. They were written in the 70's well after Project Blue Book. My question is why are there sections in an official Air Force training manual that deal with something that isn't supposed to exist. I know this sounds crazy but I have proof that I was there, (military records) unfortunately I only have my memory of what I saw but there are two other people out there who saw the same thing.
Source ID44987