MUFON 44721

Cruise ship sighting. Egg shaped unlit craft flew above - changed directions coming back to us 2x before continuing on it's path. My husband and I were on a Caribbean cruise ship. (Ruby Princess) After pulling away from the port at Grand Turk and Caicos, around 7:00 pm. heading back to Fort Lauderdale, we were sitting out on our balcony for a while looking up at the night sky when all of the sudden a gold-ish tan egg shaped object flies from above the ship (directly above our balcony) towards open ocean. (East) I watch it for a moment trying to figure out what it was (Originally thinking it was a huge bird... except it had no wings). It was not traveling super fast - but at a cruising speed. (If that makes any sense) Finally I say "what the hell is that?" My husband looks and says "It's a satellite" I say "That's not a satellite - it's too low and close and it's not lit up... All of the sudden - right in front of us, it STOPS and zips straight back to the ship, holds that spot for a couple seconds - then darts back to where it originally stopped and darts back to the ship again for a couple seconds, this time coming back about half the distance it did the first time - darts back again to where it originally stopped, paused, and then continued on it's original path at a speed we could track until the night sky swallowed up the object. Jay and I looked at each other saying "DID YOU SEE THAT???" Totally amazing. Pretty cool. We both without a doubt felt it was unworldly and definitely a UFO. The object when first sighted looked gold and had a black shadows that resembled water rolls repeating on the underside of it. It was not lit up, but the reflection from the boat and water made it easy to see. When it stopped and darted back to the ship in front of us it had a dull white color to it and the edges were blurry (As if there was a vibration to it) when the darting back and forth quit and it went back to it's original spot - it looked more gold again and slightly shinier. I felt that the object was traveling away a little higher than the height of the ship. It made NO sound at all. Our stateroom was two floors down from the top of the ship - in the center of the boat. It felt as though it flew really low above the ship. I never reported the sighting but am curious if any cameras on board caught it on tape/film. My husband feels it was larger and further away from us... I think it was smaller and flew low over the ship. That is the only real difference we have. My husband and I sat in silence as the incident happened and were stunned after. It is a weird feeling. Disbelief and excitement all at once. When we shared the story with friends the response has been odd. Some people are silenced and don't even respond. I have to say only 2 people carried on a conversation after. Some just act like you didn't just tell them that... and start talking about something else...weird.
Source ID44721