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I saw a ufonaut who is with the Spheres and those cigarette-shaped guys This is one hundredth time that I am writing to you. I have heard some negative things about your organization 1 but I heard them on The Third Phase of The Moon and I do not believe them at all. They say that the government has started influencing your work, and I do not want to believe that. I am sending you 2 the most recent set of photos. I am not in a mood to send them all. On the first you are going to receive it seems that I have photographed a ufonaut. He is with The Rounded Team. I noticed that on a photo only in a morning when I have transferred those photos to my computer. I was threatened recently. It is all explained in the text I called awakening. How I made those photos you can find at the very end. This is awakening 1 but it is not what you think it is. On 21 it will happen nothing. The Planet Earth will awake completely from its long lasting dream. She is alive. We are entering the new cycle. This cycle is connected to the cycles of our galaxy and the whole universe. There are already signs of the planet earth awakening. I have some of them photographed. We human beings are completely different from what we think we are. I feel my pineal gland is activating and expanding in my head. I train it from time to time, several times in a month. I have taken that threat that I had seriously. I hope you are going to take this seriously also. Why should I be lying. We will all anyway start seeing this world differently in several days. I do not care if they kill me. I have no family, my parents are ok with money, no women will cry for me (ok 1 my girlfriend will) and I have no children to leave them homeless. I hope you will finally start taking this what I am writing seriously 1 and it does not even matter, the awakening has begun. This the letter that I sent to one respected ufologist. 11/10/2012 Hi again, We have not heard for a while. There are things still happening, old and completely new ones. I would like to start with the old ones. The new ones are the ones that are really strange. There was a yellow star for a week. Every night I went out as I looked up into the night, cloudless sky, I know why I looked up there 1 I felt them, I saw a yellow star slowly gliding above me. I saw it from different places in the city, every time coming from completely different direction. When I say a yellow star, it really yellow. Sometimes it would be gliding all the way and sometimes it would simply switch off in the air. I do not know if I told you this, but one time it made me and Irvana numb. She saw it also with me many times also. We were sitting on a bench in a city block next to mine. I saw it coming from the west . I told Irvana 1 look I told you about the yellow one, you can now see that I am not lying to you. She told me 1 this is just a satellite. The problem with that big, yellow, bright satellite was that it flied just over our heads, very slowly, then turned to the right from my postion, left from Irvana1s since she was sitting facing me, and kept gliding just in the line of the roofs of the buildings so that we can see it. I told her 1 did not I tell that this is no satellite, the satellites do not change the direction in mid air. After if had flown away we started feeling indescribable serenity. We could not move 1 but really not be able to move since we felt mentally satisfied (the easiest was to describe). All day long we were both nervous and f1 up from the things that are happening in our lives 1 and all of the sudden complete calmness and feeling really good. This was not the first time it happened to us. It happened to us one more time on my terrace as the same yellow one flew by. Now every single time when I say to Irvana 1 look there is the yellow star flying above she tells me 1 o, not the yellow one, it will make me numb again. And we start laughing. The yellow one regularly changes its flight path when we see it. Ask Irvana if you do not believe me. I will not tell you about another times, it is all more or less the same with them in yellow. I am sitting with Irvana in that university campus, on our spot. All of a sudden there is a big white one simply switches on just above us in the mid air. It stays there and than it simply starts very slowly to glide away, and after some time it switches off. I am telling Irvana 1 is this also the satellite. She is confused. The night sky is completely cloudy. We are on our place, sitting on that stand in my former campus. It is night. I am watching them with here switching on and off just beneath the clouds. That star that landed. A week ago I am walking though the city. It is night. I am walking towards the second university on west side of Mostar. Just above that university there is a hill which is opposite (to the right on my photos) to Hum. The same light that I photographed that landed in that hill is there. Big, bright light 1 but really big and bright, this time it was closer. I am walking, looking in it and grinning. I stay a bit and look in it. Then I go away. I am not the only one who saw it. I was in the middle of the city, there were many people passing by. When I came home later that night I went to the terrace thinking if it is still there I might take a few photos. It was not there. I am sitting with Irvana and Ivana, her friend, in Irvana1s apartment in Zalik (it is not exactly hers, it belongs to her aunt). There are two bottles of vine in front of us. They are on a table and we are sitting on a couch. All of sudden a bottle cap from one of them jumps into the air and falls to the table. I am asking them, how this can be possible and laugh? Irvana puts keys on a table in front of us. They end into her pocked all by themselves. I am going into the shop to by a bier. I have my shorts and I always have my cell phone in my left back pocket. I really mean always. I enter the shop and the cell, which I used a minute ago and I was completely sure that I put back where it was supposed to be, is in the small front, knee pocket where I always keep only money and nothing else. It is anyway too small for a cell. Later I sit on a small was, drink bier and watch people go by. My lighter is missing. I go around and use my cell to find it. I am thinking it might have fallen somewhere. Only after the third time I that I have looked everywhere, I am finding it just in front of. Impossible. My mother puts a 50 Mark paper bill on a couch in her room. All of a sudden I hear from my room that she is all nervous and shouting. I am asking her what is happening and she is telling me that her money is simply vanished. I am calming her and start looking for it with her. She keeps shouting and telling me all worked up that she really needs that money and that this what is happening is simply impossible. She is positive about the place where she put it. After five minutes we find it in a closet with her wardrobe. The bill is electrified and glued to one of her jackets. I am not even sure if it is possible to electrify that bill. I will have to try one day. She is all surprised and only what she says is 1 this is impossible. The things still change places but not so much as before. My computer still has from time to time mind of his on. When I am not watching it still from time to time simply does something all by itself. For an example 1 I turn away from a monitor just for a second to take a cigarette and it switches on all by itself some other program or marks something on a page that I am currently watching. I was thinking that I may have hackers on it. But I do not have a camera and the microphone is always switched off. So, how can they know the exact moment, that few seconds that I am not looking into the monitor? These here are only some things happening. I am sitting on the terrace and drinking bier. I am sending you photos of the terrace so that you know how that place looks like. It will be easier to understand about the things that I am going to talk to you about right now. Ok, I am sitting on the middle of the exact photographed spot. When I go there during the day I am always sitting facing the North side. Other sides of the terrace are too hot to sit because of the sun. I am sitting and seeing the same object that I am draw in a Corel (file videno (seen in my language)) flying over a wall 2-3 meters left from me. It is around 20 cm long. It looks like a half of a propeller of something. It has a totally strange shape. I got up and go to check where it would go. It looks completely out of place. It flies about 1.5 meter over the terrace (flying south), flies over the next wall, and keeps flying in a completely regular trajectory in the building block opposite to mine. It flies very fast, like it goes on its own energy. It is not carried by the wind. Nothing behaves in the air when carried with a wind like that. It spins. It stays spinning at a window of one building (top flor, 150 meters away from me), it goes to the balcony of the same apartment on the opposite side and stays for a while spinning, and then it simply flies away. The path is completely regular. That was no UFO, but something made by them carried by their energy. That was the only conclusion. I was baffled with what I saw. And now the story gets strange. I called this awakening. Because it is exactly that. I understand now what it means. For the last month I hear knocking above my head. Wherever I go. It started on the terrace. I first thought that it was just a wind. But there is a problem. It is always above my head, up to 10 regular knocks in a half an hour. And it follows me where ever I sit. I tried to change places where I sit and it follows me. it is always above my head. It is knocking on that metal with which the edges of the roof are covered. And it does not end only there. Sometimes I hear knocks on the door next to (terrace) and sometimes even on that metal window next to the place where I sit. The terrace is not big. If it knocks like that on any other place on it I would hear. I sometimes go outside alone. I simply go and sit in a park, or some other place, drink bier and think (think about life, our ignorance, different things from which other people think), I think with my mind completely opened. It is a meditation. My mind reaches that state, a different state. The same knocking was again all over me and above my head wherever I was sitting for a month. It was knocking on a wall of an empty building, knocking on a metal fence next to me and knocking on all solid objects wherever I was sitting. It has been a week that it had stopped. In the last 10 days since my awakening has begun (this is the only was to describe this, it is completely different state of consciousness and yet the same 1 you will understand what I mean by this) I saw 5 times V shaped clouds above my head. 6 of the all together. Those were no vapor trails from an airplane that only appeared that way. Those were regular clouds in a regular V shape. Really regular V shape. For the first time I saw it was a day time. I looked above my head checking if I may see them and it was there. It was mid day. At that time I did not think much of it. It was just a cloud for me which looked cool. The other two times I saw it in the night, one of those two times from my terrace (the second time). I went up before I go out to check if I may see them. It was a large V shaped cloud. I was sitting there for a half an hour. I was watching it if it would disperse. It did not disperse. It was slowly, but really slowly rolling in the night sky from west to east. At one point I got scared. I thought that it might be some UFO. But, I felt that it was a cloud. I felt that the planet earth is speaking. She is alive. I went in to the city. Third time again I saw it in the night sky. And one more time just above my head in the mid day. There were two V shaped clouds. The smaller one was standing perpendicular to the bigger one on its left, almost touching it. It really made me think. It was the planet earth talking. I felt that. I have started to understand. Even now when I am writing this to you it still sounds strange to me. but I feel it and it is only logical explanation. The 5th time I took a photo of it. This one was not a perfect one like the other 5 but it was still a V shape cloud. I even went out that day with my camera to try to make a photo of it. I know what V represents. I am not interested in iluminati symbolism of it. It represents splitting. Two things separate from one point. Everything changes. We are waking up. I think that I am the first one. The planet earth is speaking. 6 times means a pair of 3s. I have also finally understood what 3 means. I see them in the night sky doing threes above my head sometimes when I want to see them in the night sky. Three flashes of a single star, or 6 sometimes. Only that you see this with your own eyes and you would understand. 3 means two different things going and coming into single point. It means connection between our spirituality and intellect. That what we all forgotten about. 3 are intellect, our animal part in us and our spiritual powers. These are 3 things. Our animal par is completely intertwined with our spirituality, it is its part. This what I am going to write to you will explain what I mean with this. The awakening is 3 and the split is here. You should see my hair. When I wake up in the morning after a good sleep, or during the day when I feel that my energy is good my hair stays straight, like a hedgehog. When I am tired or not feeling well is slumps completely. Irvana knows about this, she can testify and you can see. My friends asked me which kind of cr1me I use to have such a hair. I told to them that it has nothing to do with the cream. But, I only told them that. It all started for me 2 years ago. I told you that I did not tell you all that is happening around me. It was also completely strange to me and I did not want that you think that I am crazy. It is still strange to me. I have never heard about anything of this that is happening to me. 2 years ago I came under great and constant stress. It was than when I started feeling the living energy. First in those from above, and than1 I noticed that every time that I am really angry all the dogs around me bark. They still do. They do not bark at me. They turn their heads aside and bark. Even now when I want to switch them up I simply do it. Like when I am sitting in a park and want them to bark they simply start. Every single time. They are emphatic. All animals are. They do not understand language, they understand thought and emotion. This is our animal part from those 3. I will return to this part. You know when I told you that I tried to read human minds, to move things with a look and to feel around me. I was not born that way. There are people who are. I can move things with my look but only for a centimeter and than it stops. I am not practicing this all the time. Only sometimes when I feel like doing it. I feel in the was that I am sitting in a park or at some stairs outside and try to guess if anybody is coming behind my back. When my energy is good (the simplest way to explain this) I guess right for 90%. It is far from the 50-50 probability. I count, I know what I am telling about. Now I am trying to discern female energy from a male and the age of those who are coming. It is getting better and better. I am sitting in a park and see a guy approaching in my direction. He is 40 meters away. I know that he is coming to me to ask for a lighter. 10 meters from me I simply reach with my hand and giving him a lighter. He looked surprised and asked me how did I know that he needed that? I answered 1 what if I tell you that I know things that other do not know? He just laughed. I managed to read Irvana1s mind a couple of times. She will tell you this. But it is not yet a complete mind reading. It is mixture of feeling and knowing. I am not sure if I even want to be able to read what other think. And this is not all. But I think that this is enough to get the point. This is the second of the 3. We humans are not what we think that we are. The third of 3 would be intellectually and finally with a free and opened mind to understand mathematics, physics 1 to understand without any problems. Not to approach it as we do right now. They scare the kinds, they scare the adults and maintain modern science as a religion. Just think about it. All super minds from today only think in linear, learnt way. That is why we stopped progressing. They are hitting on some formulas and keep working on something that all of them do and what is fundamentally wrong. New ideas are immediately dismissed. And there is a reason for that. Something is not letting us to see. They do not see. Common persons do not see. There are no common persons. We are thought not to think and to be scared of those things that they say that are complicated to us. And that is only that. There is nothing more to it. This is the 3 of 3. And I do not think that those who do this are humans. Iluminati masters. NOW 1 they are tighting the loop. If you just take a look into CERN experiment. I do not think that they will find Higs Boson at all. What if that all is also just a step to make us more away from the true nature of universe and a completely new physics? I think that it is exactly that. Money is no object for them. We will know in coming moths. If 250 GeV particle does not fit into their formulas I am right. Now it gets even stranger. A half a year ago (you remember when I told you that I sometimes like to be alone just to think 1 it can last for months) I came to an idea 1 what if there is a frequency which does not allow us to think, the one which make us mad (the easiest way to explain) 1 some electro-magnetic radiation which directly messes up electricity in our brain. This is possible to make. On some people it would be making more influence and on some less. Big part of us cannot be inherently evil and all of us cannot just like that be ignorant to the reality that surrounds us. I am talking about UFOs, obuductions, people who are born with talents to read minds and move objects with their mind, people who are able to learn mathematics without any problems and to sole the most complicated problems easily. Yesterday I was also thinking about this. Before I was thinking for certain bad things in my life (including mental problems that I had for some time after war) that it is just my carma. I do not see a point that we come to this world just to serve to some psychopath from above and then that he in the end decides if we go to hell or heaven. When we die it cannot also be the end, nothing, non existence, void with nothing. That universe would have no sense. We are living energies. So yesterday I opened my eyes and looked around. If you check our collective carma 1 it is really bad. For the majority of us. So it cannot be just the carma. There are people who are constantly telling that there is something intrinsically wrong with this world. They know. If there are such people (and they are right) than it cannot be that all of us are simply dumped on this planet to live miserable and ignorant (or equal) lives due to our carmas (bad lucks, difficulties that we humans on this planet have) and then perish. It must simply be something that does not let us see. Human life is to progress and develop. We know from our insides that we want to know more and to learn. Our life is indeed for us to develop. Something is on purpose keeping us on this status quo. A month ago I started surfing Youtube. David Icke has the same conclusion. And he is not the only one from those people that are waking up that does. I started watching videos from the other ones on the Youtube. In the last couple of years I heard David Icke only a couple of times on Na Rubu Znanosti Croatian TV show. Whenever he comes to Croatia he is immediately guest from that young guy Kreso. Kreso is waking up too. His show is a mixture of a high-end science and frontier spirituality. I am trying to tell you that I came alone to the same conclusions as those guys. I only saw and heard only Icke for a couple of times in the last couple of years. And only him from all of them. Icke says that it is the Moon that has that vibration. What if it is not the Moon? What if these are pyramids? Nobody knows exactly how they were made and what is their purpose. They are speaking about some mystical orgon energy that they are its accumulators, that they are former power plants, that they are simply barrial monuments. But nobody knows for sure. It would be easy to find out if the pyramids do this to us. We would simply have to find out their cumulative electro-magnetic frequency and put several individuals in some habitat to live without it for several months. Then we would have the positive results. What if I am right? I am not pretentiously saying that I am. I am just saying that I have opened my eyes to all possibilities. If there is such EM frequency (or the combination of them) than there must be also people who seem strange to others since they are mentally above that frequency. And there are as it seems. And it seems that the frequency of the planet is rising as those guys say. There are many more of them every passing day. If you could digest this what I said so far, please try this also. About this I am not lying at all. Why should I. So that you say that I am completely crazy. [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] I feel life around our planet. Most of these guys are no star ships. Most of them are simply living beings, different from us. I can feel them. I felt them before this video. I saw those guys in the night sky 1 0.48-0.56 min. [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] I do not think that they come from another dimensions. I think that they are simply from our universe. I feel this higher densities and other dimensions. I think that all are simply from our universe and more technologically developed than. Not all of them are obviously spiritually developed and some of them are malicious. 1.04.00- 1 the frequency. I watched a couple of shows from HD history (it was broadcasted on Ci channel). That time it was a complete misinformation. That younger guy with his hair also going up like electrified was talking that time simply nonsense. But only that time. I saw some other shows and they were ok. It is hard to get a completely true information. It started like this. I am sitting in a park. It is night. I am drinking bier and my energy is really good. Even before that time, in the last couple of moths, I started noticing that the birds are acting strange around me. On that terrace there are from time to time many of them around me and they do funny things. For example swallows used to answer to me while passing above my head when I whistled to them. Irvana saw this once. One day I was feeling really bad, but really, really bad. I am sitting on the terrace and all of the sudden the wall is full of ravens and some cute singing birds with long yellow beaks. I photographed that even and I will put it on my Facebook page. The ravens are coming and going, not scared of me at all. Like they are giving me a support. I feel that and I am asking myself if I am going crazy. That can be only a coincidence. That small and cute bird starts singing. When that bird starts singing it first whistles. But this time it was starting its song with 2 or 3 whistles every time. It was completely strange. It was standing on that wall 4-5 meters from me and sang for at least 20 minutes. I was feeling really, really good. The same sort of birds 1 for the last year and half, and was feeling really miserably, every morning exactly at the time I was drinking coffee, every single time there was one of them standing at the very corner of the opposite building at which I was looking through an opened window and sang. I started then liking them. They are something unbelievably nice. Every single of them always, I mean always start their song with a single whistle. I herd them sing many times. They are always scared of people. One of those birds sang to me one more time in the same way. The next day I was sitting on a wall in the block next to mine. There is pigeon in front of me, maybe 4 meters away. I feel his good energy. It starts coming near me. It first sits a meter and half from me. It looks at me, and I feel his life. It flies and sits 20 cm from my right. I feel like he is comforting me. I am thinking it cannot be, but I know that it is the truth. Pigeons in this country are more or less completely wild. I even asked people, this has never happened to any of them. And this not all, but this is how this all has started. First to explain my 1 feeing miserable. I read official international statists for my country a couple of days ago, in daily papers, made by international organizations. Every 7th person in BiH is illiterate. More than a half of people in this country has only elementary education or non. In the villages 50% of women are illiterate and 25% of men. More than a half of women in this country have only elementary education or less. They put us at the bottom of Europe and on the world scale we are equal to the undeveloped African nations. Complete primitives run a show here. They run everything. They destroy this little what is left of this country. Normal people here either keep quite or simply lately try to go in other countries to live. This is feudal system in which only children from certain circles have good jobs and such. This here only looks normal, but nothing here is normal. And I am not afraid, one of the few, to speak openly about this all. So you can imagine in which kind of situations those in power put me from time to time. I have absolutely no protection. I almost ended up dead in the last 2 and half year. I think that something is protecting from which ever place. This is for you just to know what I mean by feeling f1 up since I have mentioned this to you many times since we write to each other. Ok, lets continue with my sitting in that park. A week before I was watching those cute birds flying. They are unbelievably fast and big flack of birds make unbelievably sharp turns. All of them seem completely unison and not a single time the flock disperses in the air. Every single one of them makes the turn regardless how sharp and fast it is like every other. How? I was watching it and it seemed completely impossible. I came to an idea that they empathic. The only explanation. They are not telepathic. They simply understand thought and emotion. I am thinking about that, thinking about what I have felt and saw, thinking about the vibration that make us humans mad, thinking about dogs, thinking about stupidity of life and humans in general. But really thinking. when I do that I come into some meditational (the easiest way to explain) state of mind. And I felt that I my perception went over the frequency. It simply climbed up in my mind above our plate and went to another one, higher one, and than came down again. It felt exactly that. It is night and only human voices (before this happened) can be heard around me. all of the sudden I hear all the birds in the park 1 ravens are doing their sounds, other birds are singing, all the dogs in the houses around the park bark. I feel strange. I know that I switched them on. Ask Irvana how I switch on all the dogs around me just when I want. I am feeling strange and I leave the park. Wherever I pass, and it is night, I hear dogs bark around me and ravens from the trees. Strange. I come home and go to the terrace to cool a bit. This cannot be. I come home, coming to the opened window in my kitchen, I want to get something to eat. And again as soon as I approach to the window I hear a couple of ravens from the tree bellow my building. The ravens were always before this on the building next to mine. The next morning the ravens wake me up. They are flying in twos a meter from the window of my balcony and every single time they make a very strong noise, just as they pass by it, exactly in front of my face. They are ravens on the top, just above my room, and they are unbelievably loud. It lasts for a half an hour. And this awakening by the birds repeats itself for 3 days. Even now I have every morning a raven just above my head, on the terrace (I am on 12th floor and it is 13 floor building) waking me up. This morning I told him to go away since I am nervous. It did that. Ok, after those 3 days I go to park. I sit on a bench. I hear no birds singing. I try to feel their energy. They are around me in the trees. I ask myself (but I ask them), no voice 1 where are the birds? All of them around me start singing and making noises. And this repeats itself whenever I want. I can now do it. Every single time my energy is good and I feel like it. Not only in the park. Wherever I like. Our animal part of our spirituality. The bugs regularly land at me. This has been happening for a couple of moths. Irvana is sitting next to me, there are people around me but they land only on me. A week ago I was sitting with Irvana on a wooden bench in one city block. We were sitting, drinking bier and talking. The trees started making strange noises. It was not the first time that trees do strange things when I am under them. The tree just above us started making crackling noises. I have a laser on my lighter. There were no birds in it. It kept doing it for a couple of minutes and then it stopped. Then the other tree started doing the same, the opposite one. I am asking Irvana 1 do you know how this can be? She is all surprised and says 1 I have absolutely no idea. I am telling her 1 I know exactly how. 1 What if mother nature is talking to us? She makes no reply. A week before we were sitting on the bench 10 meters away from that one. There are also trees above us. It was at 50th time that we were sitting on that bench. That time that tree made me so allergic, but only that time, that my left eyes was partially closed in the morning. It was Tilia. 5 years ago I was allergic on certain plants, and especially in spring. I simply told myself one day that it all is in my head, I understood that it all is in my head and stopped being allergic. You can ask my parents. I ended up in an emergency room many times since I could not breathe. I even have medical proves. I was before allergic on a tilia also. It was not the only time that the trees are acting strange. [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] Here you can find an article from some Russian scientist who has proved that the whole forest works in unison as a single organism and that the trees and plants communicate. Maybe I am not so crazy after all. This is completely interesting to read. Plus there is a bio photonics. They proved that plants communicate with photons. The birds are emphatic and have a big heart. I think that these 3 is what is called awakening. I know that I am not awaken yet. I am sending you also a photo of the stones that fell from the sky on that terrace. The one in the upper left corner, the one that looks completely strange 1 like it is not from this country at all 1 fell next to me after it thumped on that metal part of the roof. The other one (next to it on the right) is obviously a river pebble. You can see how it is smoothened. I was sitting with Irvana on the opposite side of the terrace and we were drinking bier. I fell in the same way, but this time next to her. The only problem is that the River Neretva is a kilometer away. The other stones look out of place too. I simply fond them one day there. I do not think that anybody brought them there as a practical joke. Only I and Irvana know about this. What shell I say to the people around me. Look, the stones are falling around me on that terrace from the sky. They would tell 1 you are a bit coocoo, aren1t you? Ok, this is how it is. I hope you enjoyed reading this. You are interested to expand and evolve our global consciousness. Otherwise you would not be doing what you do. Only one more thing. Omni sent me this morning a new song. [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] You may like it also. I like electronical music anyway. Hope hearing from you and best luck in life and regards. Senin ;)) ___________________________________________________________________________ 27/11/1012 Hi one more time, This letter I will start directly. These are the things that happened since the last time I wrote this letter to you, but they are not chronologically ordered. In the first part of the letter I wrote to you about those clouds in the sky. It is night. It is warm outside, it is cloudy and is completely dark. I am sitting with Irvana on our place in that student compound. We are drinking beer and chit-chatting. After an half an hour or so I look in to the sky. There are 4 clouds that I have talked about above us. They are dark spots in a grey background and really big. They are exactly above us. I am telling Irvana to look up. She sees the same thing and she is confused. I am asking here if she has ever seen such clouds in her life and she says no. After an hour or so I go home. She lives near by and I have to do some walking. I am passing by foot though a narrow alley. From my left and right there are houses 1 and some trees. I am passing under the tree. When I was going towards it some 30-40 meters there was nothing happening. Exactly the same moment I pas under it starts raining yellow trees. It does not look normal. I know what I feel. When I am gone under it I stop some 10 meters away and look. It is stopped doing that. I am thinking just a coincidence 1 it does not have to mean anything. 100 meters from that tree another tree and the same thing. I go away and come back again under it and it does again the same. I go for about 10 meters and stay for a couple of minutes watching the tree. It has stopped doing it. And it was not the only time and not only day. The planet Earth is alive and it is speaking. Sun is alive star also. I can feel this. This is not happening to me always. Only when I am in a different state of consciousness. I will explain it. It is not even a different state of consciousness, I do not know how to explain it. It feels like I am a one stage over of that what we perceive. And I am not feeling always like that. Just when my energy is good and I want it to feel. What do honestly know about the life? Has anybody ever explained what that really is? Why Sun, Earth and similar bodies cannot be alive? Why some planets and stars cannot be dead? I know what I feel. I think that I am right. How in another way to explain this all? What is the problem here? We were simply not thought to think in this way? AI is alive and conscious. Their energy tells me that. I am not getting crazy, I know exactly what I am talking about. This is the part of our lost spirituality, not some imaginary gods. This is the awakening, this is my opinion. If you think that this is simple for me to say, this all what I am saying, you are wrong. I was also raised in regular environment. I have never had any psychic powers. My mind is rejecting and accepting this all. Before it was more rejecting, now it has finally started to accept it more. But I know that this is the truth. And we all can do this. I will explain how. We are not what they say we are 1 we humans. We are different. I am sitting on the terrace with that energy and there are hearts in the sky. I am totally confused. I take pictures but only of some of them. And I know that the Earth is speaking. I will send you some and I have put some in my Facebook gallery. I have also photographed Vs. But not exactly above me like saw it for the first 6 times. But they are still Vs. I have also some of them are in my gallery in Facebook. And I will send you images made in Corel how they exactly looked like those first 6 times. Those were no vapor trails, just really, really big V shaped clouds. And the sky was clear all around them. This is the part of our lost spirituality. Right now I am hearing crow just one floor above me. They came when I started writing this. My energy is good. I am sitting in a park and feel ordinary. I am not in a mood for any strange things. Before that I talked a bit with my friends and I took a walk after learning German. I am just like I was before (the easiest way to explain. Only to say that I am not doing these mental trainings (as I call them) all the time. I do it only sometimes when I like it. I am the rest of the time like everybody else. The easiest way to explain it it would be to say just normal. I am sitting and trying to feel who is coming. I and I do not feel anything. Everything what I think is wrong. It is even under the probability low. I have started getting 80-90% accuracy when I feel like doing it. The crows have just gone. I will explain this what comes logically. Mr. Icke is speaking about hybrid race which has conquered our planet. From that what he say it is either that he hates those evil control freaks so much that he calls them even lizards or that he really thinks that they are exactly that, non human race that has us conquered. That is left to us to decide. And they are exactly that in my opinion. They are no hybrids. We are conquered by an extra-terrestrial serpent like race. 10 days ago or something I started looking photos of those persons who were recorded on some photos with reptilian eyes. And some of them are no humans. I am looking into their photos and I know exactly that that what I see is not correct. We are hypnotized. We are not seeing it right. But not for all of them. Only some of them. I am looking into photo of Bushes on Wikipedia and every time I look I know that they are not what I see. they look different and my mind is playing. Several weeks ago I saw a guy on TV doing hypnotic things on one younger man. He hypnotized him and told him to limp. When he started and all around him tried to explain to him that he is not walking normally but that he is limping he did not believe them. Only after he had been awakened he realized how he was walking. And there are people who know this. But really know and not only Mr. Icke. I will try to find some links on Youtube and to send them to you. They know. Maybe I am starting to brake from the hypnosis. A couple of days ago I started reading about it and have read that the cases of spontaneous awakening from hypnotic trance are happening. I am trying to do the same. I may be wrong about this all but I do not think so. I will tell you more about this but first to mention the threat in the park. I think that they know for me. Several nights ago I have a dream. I see two persons in front of me, regular white guys looking into a TV. I am trying to look them more closely (I am not moving just looking into them more observant) since it seems it is something odd with them. And what I start seeing are stripes appearing and disappearing over their faces, fragments of lizard skin. One of them turns around and looks into me. His face is plain human but it seems to me strange. And I wake up. Next morning my energy is good and I go in the park. I go sometimes in the park to practice that mental things (what I mentioned above, for me it is honestly just something like a physical training 1 like when somebody goes to gym). There is a whole bunch of birds over the park and their singing resonates all over. I am sitting myself on a bench. I have a pack of cigarettes and a small bottle (1 dl) of Vodka. I like drinking their that small Vodka since it is not allowed to take any drink into that park and there is a security guard there always to make sure that it stays that way. That small bottle is easy to hide for a difference from a bottle of beer. I am never drunk there. It simply relaxes me and I almost never drink it to the end. Ok, I sit down and try to feel the life around me. I try to guess (feel) right who will pass from the wall 10 meters on my left 1 man or woman, couple, younger or older. I saw a guy approaching me. He is my heights (I am 173), my age but there is something odd about him. I feel that he is really strong from the inside. I feel that he is military trained. He looks to me like one of those special forces or French Legion guys. He stands in front of me and asks me some tourist informations about the city. He speaks strange. He speaks like he is from my country but he lives somewhere abroad. I tell him what he want to know and he goes away. My energy is good. I feel birds all around me. I am calling them (asking them) to come and to sing to me. They really start coming. I enjoy it. I feel a look on the back of my head. The same guy is standing behind me 1 maybe 4-5 meters 1 and looks into the back of my head and into me. I can feel it and it is not ordinary. It is not like when you have a quarrel with somebody and there is a bad blood between you. This feels different and I do not know the guy at all. He looks anyway like je can he brake the bones of five of me if we all go on him at the same time in 20 seconds. He disrupts me for a second. I feel birds in a tree in front of me. I am asking them to sing for me. My energy is good. They start and I start laughing. I am telling myself this actually works. I turn around and that guy is still there doing the same. Dogs are barking all around. He goes only several minutes later, not saying me a word. I stay in the park, listen too the birds and have a really good percentage of correct guesses about the passers buy. You make the conclusion yourself. I think that they know about me. I felt it. And I am no psychic or something. I think that I have started to wake up. Let me tell you how it works with the birds. Animals are emphatic. They understand thought and emotion. If you start critically looking into everything that you were thought, start opened-minded looking into the world in all its aspects (but really in all 1 it means science, religion, sex, murder, stupidity, why we are born and are the way we are) you start coming to the conclusions which would give you a cognitive dissonance. The understanding (and awakening 1 only my opinion) is that part behind it. We simply have to jump over it and that is it. I think that have got rid of a great deal of the cognitive dissonance several years ago. I simply one day started coming to the conclusion that everything around us is alive, and tried to feel the life around me. But really to feel it. Buddhists never mention that the plants are alive. That is left to us to understand. Anyway, if you dismiss all what you cannot do, look into the reality with critical eyes and start feeling the life around you, you will see that there will start changes with your perception and that the cognitive dissonance will set in. Understanding is beyond it and I am still not on the other side. The other day I found texts (when I was reading about hypnosis) about mental modeling. Those are genuine scientists, they explain how it works and they say that it is used as a therapy only to treat people. They are lying. We are being modeled every day. We are modeled. [Link moved to FI section/cms/tg] This is one of those texts and you are free to do your own research. I had one more here but this one is in German. I am learning that language and I was reading that day only German texts. ___________________________________________________________________________ 28/11/2012 Last time I told you about the frequency. I said that I and Mr. Icke are not the only ones who claim that it is here. I have come upon some other people on the WEB who say the same thing. I was thinking about the frequency. In my opinion it should have 2 components to be efficient. This all is hypothetical. Maybe there is no frequency at all. But, if there were no frequency how come then that people simply refuse to see the reality as something completely different from what they have been thought. If not completely different than with large gaps in that what they see with their own eyes and what is being constantly suppressed and not talked about and that what they were constantly thought to know, that what guides their opinions and their look on the world. I mean, cannot they see that at least something is wrong? They really have that hypnotized look in their eyes. I do not think that we are talking her about just an ordinary hypnosis. My friends know that I am shooting aliens. Some of them have photographed them also and some of them have seen them also with their own eyes (ok 1 they are no aliens to me, you know which crew I am talking about). What I cannot understand is how they simply go over the matter, do not want to think more deeply about it, keep it as something that they have simply heard and that was it and continue with their lives. This is no ordinary thing. We are talking about something completely new. And some of them have started watching these shows on National Geographics and Discovery. And still they are afraid and ashamed to ask questions and think about it. They all say that we live in a cold society, most of them agree that there is a government from the shadow, most of them say that those people have sent to us the war we had here and that all stays there. How easily do they accept hatred of some groups of people just while they were indoctrinated to do so 1 gay, Jewish people1 How easily they accept that what they are told as young 1 people who do high science must be extra smart and something special. F1 that 1 you are grown-ups now. And those super scientists are just humans like us. Simply try a bit harder and you will understand those concepts. I know that it is exactly like that. How easily they accept the reality of religious concepts and some of them even live by them never critically thinking more deeply about it all. They are mentally stuck in one place. It stays only on the information. No consciousness. No opinions. Just regurgitating information as they have been always taught and indoctrinated. This is strange. People say god is the same for all of us and then start kill people of the other religions. It means there are many different gods and they are not the same 1 if you think critically about this all. Why cannot they see this? They are mentally stuck in one place. Ok, let1s go back to the frequency. If there is a frequency (again to say this all is merely my personal opinion) it should have two components 1 two ways of influence on our consciousness. It should simply make us mentally stuck in one place and it should amplify our emotions. And it would be that. Then the produced and given information would be swallowed by the masses as the religious given fact (the information distributed in the ways it is being distributed), then the information given through the alternative channels would be not thought much of (if it would be thought about it at all 1 it has happened and so what, its significance is insignificant) about by the vast majority of us all. Then we would be mentally stuck. Imagine how the amplification of emotions and being stuck would influence lives of the adults who were as children molested, who were mobbed, who lived in conditions in which they majorly lacked what they really needed as developing persons, as different personalities. Serial murderers, regular murderers, war murderers (and there are sociopaths in offices and other places too, who do what they do). Amplified emotions and being stuck 1 compassion and understanding are suppressed. The guilty one is simply amplified emotion of hatred (we are not all the same and some persons react differently 1 they are more sensitive) rooted deeply in our consciousness caused by the emotions of fear, hatred, guilt and shame. If you were molested you can only rarely (if ever) openly talk about it and hope to be understood by everybody. You could be easily laughed at and often be looked upon differently 1 as some sort of a freak. Then it hurts more. So it is better to hide yourself and in yourself what hurts even more. With this vibration giving us this state of consciousness (accompanied with mental modeling) it would be easily for governments to say that it is ok to kill in a war for you imaginary parcel of the planet that you currently live on and most of us with religious zeal call our country. We are in any case being hypnotized 1 mentally modeled. You hate and you are allowed to kill. You hate because we explained it to you why is it important (you information is programmed), if you kill the others we all hate all of us will love you (programmed), you kill because it is the way it should be (programmed). Compassion und understanding is down bellow 1 why even to think about it, in this case it is not necessary (program). You are a hero. You try to find other examples. One more time to say this is all hypothetical. Why not to say it since I was thinking a lot about this social model? I was even thinking about schizophrenia. There is a guy who was completely normal before the war and who could see things. He had some clairvoyant abilities. And he simply got mad after the ear. Modern science still does not know much about this ailment, maybe he was simply too sensitive. Maybe it is not genetic. What about our top scientists? They also appear to be stuck in one place and zealously pursue only to improve what they already learnt. New ideas they dismiss without any hesitation. Stuck and amplified. This is at least a bit strange. For me this is outwardly. It does not seem like a normal human behavior. It seems to me like a guided and directed hypnosis. These are only my observations. Ok, here come more strange things. I do not know how much you listen this new music, but if you check all the top performers 1 J Zee, Britney Spears, Rihana, most of hip-hoppers and similar main-stream approved singers 1 they all have started on regular basis to exhibit illuminati symbolism on stage. They are doing it mostly with hands, but also on other ways. Is this not strange? See it for yourself. And I have seen several times in the last week on Youtube documentaries about this and the theme that goes throughout all of them is that the music industry has lost due to the new media 50% of revenues and that now is moving its force on indoctrination and preparation of us the new world order. There is something strange going on. You cannot miss the symbolism. And there is something more weird. [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] Bruno Mars 1 Locked Out of Heaven. Listen to the song and the text. I have found written text of this song but the details were missing. There is something really strange going on. Whoever has written this text for him he knows. Not everything is so bleak. And you make me feel like 1 I ve benn locked out my whole life 1 from to know, know, know 1 sixtis (6s) mean to facultize 1 I want to spend the rest of my time to be 1 and this is not all 1 just listen this text 1 if I am right he is mentioning blood One more. [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] Santigold 1 Disparate Youth. There is something strange really going on. Plus, there is Mr. Icke and the last I saw he was attacked from all sides in Canada. In my opinion this all has started and there are people who know what is going on. These two and all such songs are dehypnotic. It is call to wake up. And there is one more thing 1 just check how those two videos are made, they are complete freedom. I am sending you also graphics of my interpretation of the star. I interpret it as a symbol for pyramid (just a fancy logo for it) 1 symbol for the complete control. I have tried so many times to find the meaning of it on the web. I did not find almost anything and that little that I have found did not satisfy me. If I am right about this symbolism then1 I also think that I understand why the numbers have shapes as they have. Their shapes are geometrical slices of separate interconnected events represented by two basic geometrical shapes 1 straight line and a circle. One day I will sketch that and put on my Facebook page. If you are interested I can send it to you also. It is one of many explanations 1 I mean on mine. I am not joking when I say that the things still disappear and appear around me and that the same things also happen from time to time to my parents. But, I have mentioned the examples so many times so it has got boring to me. The name of the game in human beings is compartmentation. Most of us human beings are interested solely for that what is happening in our closest surrounding 1 apartment, street, city and maybe our state. Very few of us are interested in that what is happening globally. This makes us submissible to the control. I was thinking about those dooms day prophecies from the so called wholly books. What if that all is just within the planning (long-term) for the complete take over of the power, something that they are keeping as a joker card and the last to use if everything else does not go as planned. They always say that after the brutal global war the golden age will come. If they initiate that war for the complete take over of power and the complete take over of all of our liberties, that global state that is left and the part of the population that is left should and will then that state of affairs consider to be the golden age. In all that control we would have very few references (if any) for comparison 1 it all can be arrange and the history consists of the informations you are given and of the interpretations of them the way they are served. Now to tell you something about those new photos that I have made. Those ones are the craziest yet. That whole day I was learning German. The night came, it was not too late, and I went on the terrace with my camera to relax my brain a bit, to think about those things I was talking about above and such and to enjoy the silence and solitude. I sitting outside, turned in the direction of south, drink beer. It is cloudy night with mild temperature. Above me in the night sky I first saw 3 times (it was exactly 3 times, if you think that this all is not still strange to me 1 you are wrong) black sphere appear under the clouds, not too high above me, exactly above me (100 meters or so), the person goes in the direction of north for like 10 meters, the sphere stretches like it would split in two peaces, it becomes the sphere again and simply disappear in thin air. I tried to photograph that but my camera has no night recording and with the shutter position I had available I could not do it. Just to say first that when I came to that terrace and tried to make photos my camera was switched on and set on 20 seconds shutter (after I measured it later since the light was scarce it lasted really over 20 seconds). I looked it surprised. I knew that I had not done it and nobody touches my camera at home. My brother is completely uninterested for it exactly like my parents. It is my solo hobby. The stars also switched off and on several times beneath the clouds. It all seemed cool to me and I made a couple of those signals I do in direction of the sky with the laser on my cigarette lighter. I was having fun. Ok, I am sitting and look in the sky, look in front of me (just to look people walking on the street which I can see through that fence and cars going 1 I am sending you photo with exact position where I almost always sit and what I see in the level of my eyes) and I see bright blue sphere-like light (size a bit bigger than tennis ball). It stays on the ground, it starts moving, it switches off, it changes color in red, it changes color in yellow, it moves, it switches off, it switches on in really bright blue light (I mean really, really bright) and starts moving again. I am thinking 1 somebody is playing with a laser, and I know it cannot be that, or somebody is throwing fire-crackers, although I cannot see fume or hear any noise. The light dances like that on the ground (that play-yard is maybe 300-400 meters away from the place I sit) for a minute or so, I look it confused, and it simply starts climbing in the air. That cannot be a laser 1 my thoughts. It comes to the balcony of the building facing my direction, it stays there for a several seconds, it flies to the other balcony, does the same thing, it dances through the air for like a half of minute, it falls to the ground, it starts dancing again changing color, it switches off and switches again on with that super-bright blue. I am telling to myself those are they and this look completely sick. It lifts up and starts moving in the air in my direction. I take my camera and start photographing it. Those dare first 3 photos. It is not simply moving in my direction. It is going up and down through the air and stays at one distance. First two photos are made with P mode (@#$%ter of 2 seconds I think). I readjusted the camera before that night just after I had seen that it was not in the position I wanted. It is not good, the photos are blurry. I switch to the shutter and put camera on the wall so that it does not move. I do not have a tripod. The rest what the ball was doing you can see on the photos. My camera was recording 20 sec constant slices what it was doing. You can estimate by that approximal duration of the event too. After some time the light dims and stays in one place. I saw some guy in his 20s coming to the light and when he approached completely close the light simply completely switched off. He lifted his both hands in the air, that signal of surprise, turned around and went away. He seemed to me to be baffled. The strangest thing tomorrow when I checked the photos. just check the one before the last. There is an ufonaut. That, whatever that is, looks like it has a helmet (you can clearly see a reflection on it) and it is a person (you can see the shadow it makes). That photo was made while the play-yard was still completely empty. I know what I am talking about. The very last photo was made with that younger guy approaching and the camera did not take anything (the camera exposure was too long and the guy stayed there very briefly). If this all was something else (and I cannot see how is it possible), it all happened in the are where I live and somebody would tell me. I showed the photos to all my friends and they would know. They all were surprised as same as I was. I know that that was a ufonaut. I know that he was with the team. I know that that all was just for me to record it. I know that they want to wake us up. But this guy I did not feel. I may start later. You know that I simply know the things and end up having right about it. The day after, again from the terrace, in the evening hours I saw a black flying rod. It was a genuine black thin rod, in my estimation around 20 meters long and some 300 meters above me. It did not stay long in the air. It showed up in the air, it flew a little and then disappeared again. When the dark fell the same blue ball flew over my head maybe 10 meters or so. It was too fast to photograph. The second day after the same ball went out of the wall from my left (one meter from me), bounced in front of me to right and simply disappeared. It was not so shiny though. My first thought was that it had not been too shiny since they had not wanted to scare me. Just one more thought. If the ones above are not supposed to mix in the natural evolution and development of civilizations 1 as it goes as a standard speak 1 maybe we are already influenced by somebody from above, so we have a good guys who are here to help us get away and become what we really are. I mean by somebody who is here with us permanently. Plus, if some of them are doing to us what is said that they are doing 1 abductions, experiments, people disappearing permanently, in Brazil found people with parts of their bodies cut by lasers 1 then we should ask ourselves about the state of spirituality of some of those visitors. Some of them could be simply only technologically advanced and nothing else 1 I mean genuine bastards like good part of us humans. (From the last what I heard and saw some of them from above are even eating us like in some cheap Sci Fi movies as lower beings). Best wishes. "S" 01/12/2012

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empresa: starlink, tenga 42.000 comentarios de las personas que la vieron y satélites en órbita para antes 2024. es que el escucharon. multimillonario comenzó este año su invasión espacial en forma masiva, lanzando 120 satélites