MUFON 44481

Upside Down Mushroom Startled And Left Battambang, Cambodia - I opened the door to my bungalow and started heading East to take my dog out for a walk after she woke me up at 12:10-12:15am, and directly in front of me about 100m above a group of trees I saw a blue/white almost like outline of a craft, only the bottom portion was illumniated. Or like a propulsion system was emitting lightning but instead of being vertical it was horizontal and bent to the contours of whatever was creating it and extended only the width of the craft in a U shape. I could make out the shape of something in the middle that was mushroom shaped as it moved up into the air as if it was startled by my presence and and it seemed to make a hop motion in mid air. As if it was like a stone skipping across the sky. But the outline was almost like an upside down mushroom with a larger portion at the bottom that was outlined by a strong blue white light . It appeared out of nowhere, and did not have a trajectory of a falling object. It honestly scared me when it appeared in my field of view, enough so that I turned around and took my dog back in the house and didn't proceed any closer. The object disappeared into the tree line as if it was hiding from me. It disappeared after what appeared to me as if it jumped up, saw me and jumped one more time and was gone.
Source ID44481