MUFON 44134

HD film footage I have discovered some anomaly or what I perceive as UFO footage on a TV program from 2011 in HD that is already in public domain the footage appears not to be recognised by anyone at the moment. Therefore, I am reporting this information to your organisation. I have known about this for quite a while now and have decided to let you know about my observation. I discovered this anomaly by chance I have an eye for this phenomena as per I have witnessed various types of UFO1s in my lifetime with numerous eyewitnesses and have an interested for 40 years on the subject as a private hobby. There is approx. 15 seconds of footage the objects moving in unison close together in the distance of the film in a highland array. E.g. A close up photo &/or still image of one of the anomaly1s will be deemed interesting seeing the background in one part of this short film clip in the actual program is in front of a solid rock face? Location (covert). The organisation who owns the right to this footage will have to tell me what legal rights are as I personally don1t want to get into any legal wrangle with any organisation. I just want to report those who take this sort of information seriously of what has not been noticed or observed previously? The short footage is astounding and has not been edited by this establishments film editing studios. Therefore, the film crew who filmed the TV programme have not noticed this rare footage neither has the TV editing studious not noticed this anomaly &/or UFO (Maybe! Not sure? That will have to be decided) seeing that when the program was exposed to the public domain. Meaning, I don1t know if anyone has spotted this or pointed this out to anyone beforehand (I don1t know how anyone who can help me to get this footage analyzed or how they will interpret such phenomena?) However, the footage is in my opinion extraordinary and needs seriously investigating! Fact, obviously this TV company use High-Tec cameras and have superior enhancing equipment or computer enhancing software that could possibly resolve this anomaly. I personally know this is for real, pardon the pun: maybe the occupants of the said craft like panoramic views to visit on their sightseeing excursions whilst investigating our Earth. If you1re interested in observing what I have discovered I am willing to point out my findings to the anyone under your guidelines and with my collaboration. Furthermore, if this is genuine footage then this will prove as accurate, seeing that the TV company filmed this UFO phenomena or anomaly or otherwise. As a proven fact such singularities exist.
Source ID44134