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horseshoe craft filmed by airliner passenger while flying over busan, s. korea i didn't witness the event directly. it came to my attention when someone showed me the following webpage with the embedded video purporting to show a horseshoe craft that was captured on video by an airliner passenger while flying over the city of busan (sometimes also spelled pusan) south korea. so i do not know the exact date and time of the shooting--the date i entered on the form is the date from the blog page post date and the time i entered is not correct because i don't know when this was filmed but since the page forces me to enter some time info i entered something. as to the number of witnesses, again, i wasn't there, so i don't know. could be one or all the people seating on that same side of the plane. here is the link to the korean blog: [Link moved to FI section/cms/tg] i also managed to download the video as an MP4 file just in case the webpage disappears in future. if you can't grab the video--oops! just noticed i can upload the video from this page. good thinking. ;-) now, i have no idea whether this is some elaborate hoax or not. let me know, if you could, what your analysis of the video reveals. thanks. ts
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