MUFON 41394

UFO's photographed from Cafe Comet, Tallinn, Estonia - at sunset Had late meal at Caf1 Comet above Solaris shopping center across from the opera building in Tallinn, Estonia. Was so taken by panoramic view from restaurant of stunning sunset, snapped photo. Was not until photo was printed, that objects became apparent. Several UFO1s appear in attached photo, three different shapes or more, appear to be moving rapidly (thus, seems as though one object is viewed several times shirting across sky in same photo). Look to far upper right (luminous oval), upper left (more detail seen to shape, especially top) and shirting across sky at steeple level (appears flatter but also oval or circular). Also, several muted shapes visible in dark blue cloud area (white/brown color). Funny coincidence, to have snapped photo at a place called Caf1 Comet!
Source ID41394