MUFON 40221

After dinner I went outside for cigarette and just watched the pure white clouds when I saw this objectlike thing right next to one cloud. Well,it was normal day. I just had dinner and went outside for cigarette like normally. It was blue sky,some big white,fluffy clouds here and there. I was just watching them moving while I saw this very aerodynamic,sportishlike and about teardrop looking grayish/black dark object just right next to one white cloud,about 45-501 from ground. I don't know how high the clouds are so distance is hard to say but it looked like small,dark egg. I just watched it for couple minutes when it turned lighter and just vanished. Couple inhales from cigarette later,looked at that direction again and there it was again,I think it was same spot,distance makes it difficult to say. It didn't seem to move at all in time of whole event but it changed from black to dark grey to light grey and vanished. Actually the second time,I lost the sight of it was because it again seemed to turn light,like transparent,and just vanished. This took totally 4-6 minutes,didn't actually look to clock because this was too interesting. Whole sighting is hard to describe with words,too bad I don't own camera except in phone but it was on charger. Looking at that dropshaped thing made me feel bit weird; excited but strangely calm and I felt this weird tickling kind off feeling inside my head but it stopped quite quickly. After event I felt amazed,haven't talked about it to anyone. I don't know what else to write. Maybe this one thing but I'm not sure was it just some illusion,heat or something but intop side of it,I guess that was its top side,seemed to be bit like wavy. Like wavy pattern. I recall some whales have that kind of wavy thingie on their "chin". This is hard to explain. Well wavy seem to be the best word for it.
Source ID40221