MUFON 39705

UFO sighting over Bruntal, CZ Yesterday around 21:00 I saw a UFO. It was an object consisting of four bright yellow lights. No flashing, the same luminosity. The object crossed from the southeast to the southwest over Bruntal. No change trajectory, without sound. It was not a balloon, the distance between the lights themselves are not changed during the move. I checked the flight radar, the nearest aircraft was 300 km away. I tested whether it would be possible to see such aircraft, after 15 minutes another plane crossed 15 km from the place of sighting, no sight, I just heard it, aircraft was at an altitude of 11,000 m. The situation in the sky I watched the, Based on radar it wasnt plane. If it was a small plane, it would be in the low altitude, and it would hear or see.
Source ID39705