MUFON 37706

Looking at stars in a freinds backyard. I saw the lights moving and said It passed quietly, smoothly and fast in between [name removed/CMS/dr] tree tops in his backyard.Altitude seemed low, but, hard to tell that and its size because of the brief time it was in sight Very much like a sighting my wife and I had in the Florida keys in the late 90s. I had finished 2nd shift at 10 pm and had stopped at a freinds to drink beer arouhd his firepit. We both saw the lights. (It wasnt the 2 beers I had consumed, either.)It was just lucky we were both looking up at the sky right at the time or wed have missed it. No sound! No strobe/flashing lights or colored lights, just white lights as bright as medium stars in a stable triangle shape. No wind, no clouds. I was just happy that my friend saw it, too. I checked my watch for the time and then made sure we had just seen the same thing. As much as I was hoping, tho, it didn't show up again in the next hour before I left.
Source ID37706