MUFON 35000

I have already reported this to you and to several other UFO organizations 1 there were new events 1 just read what I wrote to you and that has the latest date 1 it is all arranged chronologically 1 I am also sending you only some new photos 26/07/2011 To: Mr. Jaime Maussan From: {Name redacted/cms/tg] First of all I would like to greet you and say a little something about myself. I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the city of Mostar, 36, still live wit my parents due to our economic situation and virtually non-functioning legal state. I have associate1s degree in business management and pursuing bachelor1s degree, for what unfortunately for the time being I have ran out of funds. I speak two foreign languages, English and German, from sports I love races, from music I adore Linkin Park, like alternative music, electronic, jazz1 Right at this moment I am trying to fix my life. That means that I am trying to go abroad and find myself some work and have a life. I have even planned to go to live permanently in Australia and to come back in my country in a couple of years just to end my studies. I love science in general, astrophysics and from time to time astronomy. I am from time to time a Sci Fi fan. I am an amateur photographer. What I am trying to tell you is that I am just a regular guy fighting his way through this rough life. I like to think a lot. To think about life, forms of existence, I like Theravada Buddhism, I like to think about the latest discoveries in science in general and physics. Honestly I figured out alone with just a couple of information how GPS really works. It took me two days of non stop pondering. I did not want to read about it. I simply wanted to check if I am smart enough to figure it out alone. A couple of moths ago I sent to professors Hocking and Susskind my concept of machine for artificial gravity. Entire scientific community says that it can not be made. I think that my works. And it is not too complicated to bild. Some of the most difficult concepts from physics I understand without any problems. People here say that I am too smart. I know that I have something in my head definitely. I also love watching Phoenix, N-TV, Discovery and Nat Geo. That is basically all I watch. I am a little bit geeky. What I really wanted to write to you are occurrences in my life that have started happening a year ago. I have even photos as a proof. I honestly think that I am going to shoot more of them in the coming months. I can see them and they can see me. I communicate with them and communicate with me. They communicate with me on the basic primitive level that I can understand, with lights and appearances. I communicate with them on the way that when my energy is good I can literally call them to see them. But only when my energy is good. Please do not stop reading this right now. I will try to explain this as briefly as I can. The beings I am telling you about are those balls of light, serpents in the sky as you call it and cigarette shaped UFOs. Please keep on reading this, I am not crazy. I saw a UFO for the first time in 1988-1989. I was camping with my family and their friends in Peljesac. Peljesac is a place near Dubrovnik in Croatia. My family and their friends all had camping trailers. Camping trailer is an old passion of my father. It was around 10-12 in the night and we were standing on a concrete playground when we, maybe 10 kilometers in distance, started seeing a string of ball lights, different color each. In front of us in a distance there were two peaks of hills, maybe 3-4 kilometers distant one from another, and the string of balls of light was slowly gliding from one peak to another. To cover that distance from one peak to another it took it maybe half an hour and it would shoot back in a fragment of a second to its starting position. It lasted for 3-4 hours and whole camp, including my parents, was watching it amazed. Later that night a friend of mine, he was one of sons of the family that we went together on vacation, went to do some night fishing in small fishing boats with locals who were our friends. I wanted to go also but did not let me since I was too young. When he came back in the morning I saw him pale and shivering. And he was like that all day long. That night he told us what was the problem. They are fishing and all of the sudden that string of lights appeared above them and started descending. While descending the lights rolled into a strudel. There was a rotating light in the middle. The lights were so strong that, although the see was at least 50 meters deep, they could see all the way to the bottom. Women who were on those boats started screaming that the Wholly Mother Mary has come for them and started jumping into the see. When the object was maybe 20-30 meters above them they heard a jet plain (most probably military), the object straightened itself again and shot into the sky. Only later I understood completely what I saw. If that object in 0,1 second has covered a distance of 3000-4000 meters, that on the persons inside must have acted forces of 3000-4000 Gs. That means that they could not survive that at all. Neither they nor some Russian or American experimental machines. I witnessed the second strange appearance in the sky 6-7 years ago. It was middle of the day. I live on the 12-th floor of 13 floor building. It was warm outside, I went, bought myself a couple of beers and went to the terrace of my building to drink it, watch the city and just be alone. In front of me, maybe 300-400 meters in a distance in the sky, appeared a translucent white object slowly gliding through the air in a straight line. It was little bit shaped as a ball and then a little bit as a donut. I started thinking that it could be just a plastic bag carried by the wind. But there was no wind, the object was going in a straight line, with a constant speed and height and in regular periods changed its form. I started laughing and watched it glide to the South. I am a bit loner. In the last 2-3 years I have had a habit to sit alone between 10 and 11 in the night on a balcony, drink beer and think about life, science, my job, education and people in general. Regularly one time a month a could see a ball of light slowly gliding through the air above the city, sometimes going in the straight line and sometimes changing direction. It was much bigger than the other stars on the sky, it did not flicker at all so it could not be a satellite and it was neither airplane nor a helicopter. They always have small, rotating strobe lights on the lover part of their hulls and almost every time you can hear its engines. They simply looked to me like plain balls of light. Just to say that Bosnia and Herzegovina is economically destroyed country. We had a war here. We have absolutely no military airplanes and only some Russian helicopters. We still have here international troops but they also have only a small number of helicopters. Mostar, my city, has a small airport. Airplanes are easy to spot in the night sky here. There are not so many and they always have those strobes on and you can hear its engines. I see plains doing fly-overs, going to Dubrovnik or Split airport. This was simply not it. At the begging of that all I was scared and then I stopped. This what I am to tell you about started a year ago, last summer. I am here practically a dissident. We have one of the most corrupt states in Europe, with a relic social system old maybe 500 years. I did not even care until they started harassing me. I said something wrong about these powerful people here and they were all over me mentally and physically. Most of the people here do not care. They simply try to keep they jobs, if they have them and all, and most of them are simply scared. I am not. I started regularly barking on our corruption, criminal, governments and on our everyday situation we live in. Even right now when I am writing this to you I am still in troubles up to my throat and I am trying to go to live and work in Australia. Here it has become unbearable for me. Just to mention that I am not the only one here who is fed up with all of the situation here. We have a journalist in Sarajevo who has a TV show called 60 minutes and he also gives all in the faces to those bullies in control. He is a real journalist and gives to the public nothing but hard facts. He is constantly under police watch. They threaten him non-stop with his life. Ok. Last summer I was sitting alone on a field outside Mostar, all stressed up. I was working as a security guard and doing shift that nigh in some dilapidated, closed, old and small industrial complex. On those shifts that I had to do there I had nothing else to do but to watch into the stars. There was no electricity, I had only a radio on my mobile which I could listen maybe a 2-3 hours every night before it gets boring to me. Every second or third shift I saw stars going over the sky, maybe in 20 minutes distance one from another, at some point lighting up and shining really bright. They were always going from the south to the north at the same speed, at the same patch of the sky, with the same brightness. Not all of them. Only those stars that I am talking about. I know about earth satellites and its flayers. I felt that that what I saw simply could not be it. Not these particular lights that I am telling you about anyway. One day I started thinking and decided to check in some way what they really were. I got an idea for a flash light. It was more a fun for me since I had nothing else to do there all nights long and I could not sleep due to my service. It was simply just something to do. For every shift I carried with me a strong flash light. I had to. I started flashing on those satellites. The signal was 3 times switched on and off, pause of 1-2 seconds and then the same signal again, then again pause of 2-3 seconds and then that 3 by 3 signal repeated for one more time. It was some sort of a fun code. Nothing happened for a while. Than those lights started appearing at least 3-4 times more often during the night. I felt them there 1 this is the simplest explanation. I do not care how insane this sounds. They always flew from the south to the north, they were visible almost always for about a minute, with flayers at beginning, in the middle or in the end. I knew that those were the rounded ones, how I call them. For the above mentioned reason, my countering our everyday state of our society in this country, I lost that job. For the above mentioned reason right now I simply have here very little friends. People do not want problems and they avoid me most of the time. I have no money to go to the city in caf1 bars and discos. The last half of this year I have been spending chatting over Facebook with people all over the world. Regular topics. I have on that web site people who I have known for a long time and who went abroad due to the war, along with some new friends. In the last half of a year I go outside alone. Most of the time I sit alone and drink beer. Not too much. Maybe 4-5 beers daily. I need something to keep me sane. I am basically here in isolation. They threat me daily, and I also do not give up. I can not. They simply do not want to come off my back. And I even do not care about their money and this state. I just want to have a normal life. The last half of a year I have been spending also looking for a job on sea rigs, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Australia, wherever only that I do not stay here. I selected these places and jobs because I think that for me the easiest it would be to find a job from which other people simply run away. Since I have a lot of extra time I also learned to speak German. Not as good as English, but for the time being good enough. If the things here get too much for me to handle I was thinking to simply buy a buss ticket, go to Germany and ask for a political asylum. Now I will tell you what I have been seeing for the last half a year, a month or two more to be precise. I am sitting on a stairs in font of building and drinking beer alone. I look into the sky. It is cloudy. Just above my building there is a shining white light, looks like a ball, like a star, it is really big and it does not flicker. No other stars, only that one. And the whole sky is covered with clouds. I am sitting in front of the river, it is a sunset and fishermen are all around me. I look into the sky and see a regular formation of three stars. They are visible here every night during summer. I look again and see 4. Then I look again surprised and there are again only 3. I am sitting and drinking beer on the same staircase and I am looking in the sky. There is one star right above me. I look for the second time there are two. Then again, again only one. I start asking myself if I am going crazy. I know that I can see them. Regularly in the night sky I see two stars switching on and off, getting brighter than all other stars, switching on and off for just one time. Those are no meteors. I see them also gliding without flickering, brighter than all other stars around them, always in twos. Again I think if I am getting crazy and again I come to the same answer, I can feel them. I ask them to see them. And I see them. I like them because I know what they present. For the last moth the occurrences went to a completely different level. All what I am now going to tell you happened only in the last moth. That is when those photos were taken. It is middle of a day, I sit isolated in the middle of the city, drink bear and from time to time look into the clouds. I see something long, looks like a hot dog and shiny. It is made of metal. It looks like it has no wings. Whenever I see an airplane I can see wings on them. It does not fly too high. It looks like I can see passenger windows and again they look simply something like a regular (I mean every single one of those stripes looked exactly the same and it was at the same distance one from another) tiger stripes. It goes through a cloud. I watch and see no regular swirling turbulences in the cloud made from its wings and engines. I hear no sound. I can only see that it looks like it has some form of energy cover around itself, reaching maybe ten meters or so around its body, and the cloud does not touch its body while passing through it. The cloud does not get dispersed or disturbed in any way. I am baffled. I watched your serpents in the sky, I watched the cigar shaped UFOs people shooting while passing through clouds, I watched NASA footages and other. Cigar shaped UFOs and your serpents are the same. They are polymorphs. They manipulate with shape, light and colors. I call them the long ones or the big ones. The second time I see them it is again sunset. A long object glides through the air. Again it has no wings. It is shining too much in white color. It cannot be only due to the Sun. It has its own energy. No engines heard again and I see no wings. It turns slowly its hull towards the sky and its rear end turns into a metal dot. Funny, airplanes do not fly that way. I see it for the third time in the sky. It looks like an airplane. It is very low and drags behind some strange vapor trail which dissipates in only a couple of seconds. I know that it is not an airplane. Again it has no wings. One day I will simply take my camera and go to shoot them. The reason I have not done it yet is that I do not want that people see me sitting alone in a park or on some stairs with a camera in my hands. They may think that I got crazy. That is what scares me, but I will do it anyway. Ok. One night I saw a full night sky, 3 exactly, of those shiny balls, the rounded as I call them. They fly around. Not too much but they visibly fly around. The whole night later there were two international military helicopters flying over a part of the city. I even called my mother that night by my mobile to go to balcony and see something strange in the night sky. She did it. Just to say that they are regularly in my field of vision. I can feel them. I would like now to explain how I shot those photos. Just first to mention that I was yesterday looking for VCRs and checking its prices. They are simply too expensive for me. I have Nikon D40 and I bought it because I was trying to start a private business. The business was destroyed by the above mentioned idiots, but at least I found out that I like photography from time to time and that I am good at it. The business was Please check it. All the work, except programming I did myself. The domain is mine and I have access codes to do administration on that web site. I had to quit that start up because I was constantly threatened. The first set of photos I got early in the morning. If you download View NX from Nikon company from the internet you will see the exact time, date and all other information about those photos. You will also see that the photos were not manipulated. I will save the memory card from my camera as a proof. I woke up all stressed-up after a short sleep. I looked at the balcony and there was some strange and sweet bird on my satellite dish. And then I noticed a metal ball gliding over the hill in a far distance, in front of me behind the dish. The hill is called Hum. I have problems with lenses which I have on my camera so you cannot see the whole shape of this object. It was a metallic sphere. There was something strange about the way that the sphere was reflecting sun light. I can not remember exactly what. At that point I was simply too excited. I think that the reflection was on the opposite side from where it should have been. I started laughing and taking photos. For the first time I knew that I was right and that I have a proof that I am not crazy. If you carefully check photos you will see that the being is moving. The east is on the left of those photos. It is going from the west to east. I felt unbelievable joy while taking those photos. This is how they affect me. I knew that they did it for me so that I be sure. After that I started seeing them regularly on the night sky, but I mean really regularly. Once again I started thinking maybe I was insane and I was not even sure about those photos. I mean I knew the truth, but I was not sure. Doubts started piling up. Last week in afternoon hours, it was a very hot summer day, I looked over my balcony. I did not try to see anything in particular. I just went on the balcony from a habit. I saw a glitter in the distance. I started watching it more carefully. It was an orb, this time black, gliding through the air. I have to mention that they always move at the same speed, always. I started laughing. It was just above the city. I took my camera and started taking photos. I briefly stopped, ran out of my room and called my brother to see it himself. I told to a couple of people here that I can see them. They consider me to be crazy. It took him a bit to come. He does not think that I tell the truth. By the time he came the orb was maybe 60-70 meters away from us, maybe 20-30 meters in air, almost standing still above one restaurant. Without camera the orb looked more bright, again problems with my lenses. The reason I did not take more photos was my trying to persuade my brother to come at all. Ok. He came and I told him 1 look for yourself, who is crazy now. He said 1 where, where. I told him 1 I am taking right now pictures of them, come on look a bit better, just in front of us. And I looked also and it was gone. I downloaded the photos immediately and showed it to him. He said 1 aaaaa that. And that was all he said. That evening I spent thinking about them, all in good mood. About what they really are and everything else. I will explain it you a bit more detailed later. Next morning I woke up again very early all hyped up. Just to mention that I had sent those photos already to some friends of mine, and they laughed at me. Ok, I spent those early morning hours sitting in a park next to my building and thinking that they cannot be nothing else but good, what I felt in them, higher intelligence that came to wake us up. If they wanted to conquer us, like in some bad SF movies, they could do it without any problems. I will later tell you the exact reason. I was happy that morning. I knew that I was completely sane. Then I started again thinking about the black orb, maybe I had seen a balloon. If that was a balloon why it did not move in irregular path and heights, carried by the wind. I could see that the orb was flying by its own energy, completely straight, at the same speed as always, just slightly loosing altitude by the changes in elevation of surroundings, going for 2-3 kilometers. It could not be a balloon. If that was a balloon it simply had to have an engine. Black color was so that my friend does not be noticed. People could get really scared. If it was a metal ball my friend would be easier to spot. That evening, after finishing my job search on the internet, I went out and sat in front of one building in a block not so far away from mine. I am sitting and I see an older guy walking his dog. It is around 7 in the evening, pure daylight here. I am watching in front of me. There is a big slice of a sky. No clouds. And all of a sudden I see one orb flashing white, but really flashing like a disco light. Then I saw second just next to it doing the same. I watch. And then they both start getting wild on the sky. The left one jumping diagonally right towards down, unbelievably fast. The right one jumping diagonally to the left down, high speed. At that point I jump up, start laughing and screaming to them 1 yeeeeeeeees, you are so crazy. I start recording them with my mobile. I hear people, young guys, from the building next to me also laughing and screaming. They see it also. The balls start swirling one around the other and flying in the sky. At that point I know they are doing it for me. I stop and look into the guy with the dog. His mouth is wide opened and his eyes are stuck to the sky. I look up and they are gone. I sit there for a couple of minutes more. The guy went maybe 20 meters walking with his dog, now he is back, he looks pale and utterly surprised. He is passing by me and all scared again looks into the sky. It is embarrassing for me. Just a couple a minutes ago I was screaming there like mad. I get up and go away. They did it for me. I simply wanted them to do something wild in the sky. I did. It was the only way they could communicate with my lower intelligence to confirm their presence. And I really liked it. I checked yesterday my mobile. I have a piece of junk mobile but it seems that it is possible to see them on my recording. You can hear me anyway screaming my guts out. In the next couple of days I will go to check how I can transfer the footage from my mobile on my computer. Just to tell you something more about what has also been happening to me in the last couple of months. One day I went to balcony to eat. It was killing hot. I sit on the floor. I notice water dripping at me. I know it is from the air conditioner above. I look up. On the sky I see a sphere. It is gliding slowly. It looks like a basketball ball. Literally. With black and red stripes. I look again and it is still there gliding through the air. I look again it is gone. I go at the balcony and look in the sky. It is mid day, no clouds. In front of me up, in the sky in a distance, I see an orange sphere. I laugh. I sit in a park. That whole day I am thinking how much I would love to see them. I am all lonely and stressed-up. They threaten to me again. I am thinking 1 although they are from the outer space, at least they are my friends. In front of me in the air I see three. For the first I think those are just birds playing in the air. But I notice their metal form. They swirl through the air, appear and disappear. I am not sure what I am seeing. In the night I sit outside and drink beer, all alone. There had been some people earlier with me, we had had a brief conversation but they went away. I see a yellow orb in the sky. I tell it, speaking not loud but to myself, if those are you my friends just switch off the light. And the light is gone. I am amazed. Just to say that a year ago, at the very beginning of this all, I got so scared that I had nightmares from this all. They manipulate the light. That is what I know for sure. Both, the rounded and the big ones. They present themselves in the colors in which they like, this also includes infra-red and ultra violet spectrum in which we cannot see them. Those are no UFOs, those are sentient and alive beings. I can feel it. I feel them. I am a bit strange myself. I consider myself to be simply a bit more evolved. Everybody can evolve. This is the essence of life if you ask. Everybody can become something better than what he or she is. As much as I am concerned there are no gods and life is something completely different. I communicate with them. There is no telepathy involved. When I want to see them they are there. I communicate with them by energy. 5-6 years ago I started thinking about the most perfect way how two beings can communicate with each other. I came to the conclusion that it would be by simply completely understanding each other without speaking any words. That would be a complete fusion of emotion, thought and intellect. Communication by the all-encompassing energy. It happened to you, to me and to everybody many times during our lives. It is that instance when you look your friend, your wife, your boss 1 just look each other and both know without speaking what is on each other1s mind. That type of communication 1 simple understanding. This is just an intellectual concept 1 I have to say. Other things that happened to me in the last couple of months. I go to a shop to buy something for my mother. I count the money in front of the shop. I know what I am counting. This is not what my mother gave to me. There is a little bit more money. Just a bit. I count it several times. I pay in the shop and have only so much what my mother gave to me. I think strange but my mistake. In a couple of days the same thing. I wander if am crazy. Maybe it is about the heat. What if they can manipulate with matter. That must be it. And then it all stops. After that I always have exact amount as I counted before. Two months ago my computer is all screwed up. One night I leave it on stand by. Updates are blocking my machine, they cannot properly install. The computer attempted to install them that week for the 20 times in a row. The last time it happened to me the whole system went down since the hard disc got plugged up, and I had to take it to a shop to fix it. I had to pay for it. I have problems with sleeping that week and I am thinking if I wake up in the middle of the night I will try fix it myself, if I can at all. At 3 in the morning the computer turns on by itself. I have external modem which is at that time switched off. It had nothing to do with the internet. It turns on and the system massage basically says that the updates were successfully installed. Which computer can fix itself? I have a bank account. That is a left over from my last job. On that account there are basically only 3 Bosnian Marks. It is a Euro and half. Last moth I received information from the bank that on my account I have a bit more than 90 Euros. I was planning to escape if necessary to Germany. I wanted to save that money. That is exactly how much I needed for my trip. Nobody knew. But to save it, it was more or less impossible for me. I am all hyped up. Finally I have something from my life. Some sort of solution if the things here go that far. But how can I have that money at all. I know that there is nobody generous in the place where I live that will simply help me in that way. Most of them would like simply to drink my blood and the others do not care. Next morning I go to the bank and ask a teller who made a deposit on my behalf. The teller is killing herself trying to find the data in the system. At the end she tells me that the whole system was changed in April and that she does not know what happened with the data. I am pretty sure what happened. This is Hypo Alpe Adria bank, German bank, there is not a chance that they can just like that loose track of their records. You know how the Germans are. I take the money and bring it home. I tell my mother that I saved it. I lie. I feel for the first time in a half a year like a human being. I think that they can manipulate with matter. I do not even care how this sounds. You know about the bible stories. If you check old pictures, on many of them you can see stars gliding through air. A couple of days ago a friend of mine asks me on one web site what I think of them. He says that he thinks that those are the beings who were earlier considered to be angels. I tell him he has an interesting point of view. He also saw them. I will tell you what I honestly think of them. There are no gods and no prophets. Moses, Jesus, Muhammad 1 they are all product of extraterrestrial intelligence and matter manipulation. Which god would kill and burn so many persons just because they worshiped golden cow? It happened after Moses came from that hill with those commandments. Which god would allow Muhammad to wage wars just because some people did not want to believe in Islam? I think that Jesus was directly influenced by those beings that I am telling you about. All other were influenced by some other form of extraterrestrial intelligence, which used them for its own benefit. Jesus was the only one who, from all of those prophets, was good. Then came Muhammad and in Koran it was simply written that there will be no more prophets after him. And he was also a conqueror and killer for the name of some distant faith. And his followers continued doing it so after him. No higher and good intelligence would allow it. I think that there are several types of those beings and all of them are not good. The big ones and the rounded are good, they are our friends. I consider them to be my friends. I think that in the coming months they are going to protect us. I think that the cataclysm is coming on us. I also think that they have bigger powers than that they show. They are honestly anyway funny to me with way they behave. They sometimes seem to me to be a bit confused themselves. I used to go to Mosque before. Not too much but from time to time. I believed in god. The moment when I stopped believing was when I started thinking a bit deeper about that all. The Koran is the book which has never been overwritten, not a single paragraph from it has been changed through centuries. It was forbidden and the very book says that the one who does is doomed to the eternal damnation in Hell. That book is taken as the ultimate truth, absolutely no doubts about it. And I have found the proof that the whole book is wrong. In the very same book it says that every living human being will one time in his or her life have one wholly book in his or her hands and it will be up to him or her if he or she will believe or not. Wrong. Books about which Koran speaks are the two Bibles and the Koran itself. They are all included as the sacred books in Muslim religion. If you look African and some other world tribes who live totally cut from modern civilization, live as they have lived for millenniums, those tribes have never seen any of those books. What are than people from those tribes 1 just plain animals? What about China, Japan, Buddhism, Shinto religion? What about many more? What about them? Is this perfect god than simply going to destine them all to the eternal damnation? I think that at least half of those people have never had any of those books in their hands nor they have heard the Word. They know nothing about our Abrahamistic way of reasoning the life. That is why I simply stopped believing. Buddhism I really like. It includes no believing 1 just personal thinking. I now simply do not believe into anything. I think that this life is not the end. If this life was the only one life before the eternal heaven or hell than the whole universe and the whole creation would be just one empty misfit. You go to church after raping 10 and killing 20, you confess and god forgives you. You do the same thing and simply start going to mosque 5 times a day, become a real Muslim and god forgives you. That kind of a god would be just a stupid sadist. Lower intelligence. What if some of those persons that you killed were also supposed to get really religious, but you did not give them time to better themselves and so they just simply were thrown in to the eternal hell? Ridiculous. How just a human being can me resolve me from my sins after hurting so many people? I can see them when I want, more or less, the rounded. They are no dogs but my friends. They communicate with me in this way which I can understand. A couple of nights ago I again amazed persons sitting around me. There were two super bright lights on the sky. I wanted to see them. I was again all stressed up and threatened. People were again watching it all surprised. I was again laughing. I knew what it was. I know also that I am different from the others. Not too much anyway. I will tell you also about number two and amicable numbers. While studying at my university I had to pass mathematics. We had a professor who waned to be paid 1000 Euros by students just to pass his exam. He did it openly. His assistant would simply tell us to quit the school and that is it. His exams were set in the way that not even professors of mathematics could pass them. I know personally couple of professors and they told me that even they in such short time could not get a passing mark which such difficult equations. It made me mad. I am really good with mathematics and enjoy solving complicated mat. problems. I started learning mathematics. I basically wanted just from the spite to learn the whole business mathematics and to pass without paying. Our assistant used to give us very difficult homework. I loosed every single one of those tasks and he even laughed at me once when I solved something that nobody had managed to do before. I made a report against that ass, the professor, in the police. Nobody had guts to do it before me. And police did nothing. While learning mathematics constantly for 2 years I started liking number 2. I am an introvert person and I basically needed at that time a girl to be in par with me. Still do, nothing extraordinary. I said to a couple of guys in my city that my favorite number is number 2 and that I only like amicables. They laughed. Those above mentioned idiots and bullies from my city later used even that to harass me, but really to harass me. Like I am crazy for such a small thing. And those numbers to me are in fact just numbers. That is how I see all types of numbers. But I still love number 2. You can connect this to the rest of this story and made your own conclusions, but I see the rounded in the night sky mostly in pairs. They communicate with me as they can. We, human beings, we are not very developed. I will tell you now what I think about those beings, what I feel. First of all they are our friends. They are my friends definitely. What if they really can fix my computer, that one instance that I mentioned was not the only time that my computer was acting strange. Especially in the last month. What if the really manipulate with matter. It means that they can conquer us with no problems. They can just switch off all our military installations and that would be it. They can switch off our industry, our communications. They are higher intelligence and I can feel goodness and great knowledge in them. I can. They float in the vacuum feeding on 0 point energy. They are above us because the life they can feel beneath pleases them and they feel comfortable. From where they have come and how long they have been here I do not know You know about the story from SETI. Its members said that those three UFOs will be visible by optical telescopes when they reach the orbit of Mars in September. You know the stories that the spheres of pure light make crop circles and that one of those circles had an imprinted binary code which was later deciphered in pure ASCII code. It says that we do not believe to their gifts and false promises and that there is good out there. With the picture of that being that looks like gray next to it. When I here earlier said that the cataclysm is coming I meant on those UFOs which are approaching us. The long ones and the rounded are good. I read on Youtube that that was not the only message in the crop circles that was deciphered. There was a second which basically says that the beings that I see are here to protect us. Maybe I am wrong 1 we will see. About my friends I can not be wrong. One more thing 1 every single time when I was earlier seeing these rounded lights in the sky I simply knew that those were the rounded. I did. Only later I saw a couple of footages on Youtube about these spheres of light. I am not lying. I basically knew even before I had seen those footages how they look. I have a strong analytical mind. Why did not I think that those were maybe some other forms of UFOs or just plain satellites. Some of those lights were definitely satellites but not the ones that I felt. At the end all I have to say is that I do not even care if you believe me or not. I think that the great period of changes is in front of us 1 I mean really, really near. Maybe even you can see them, the rounded and the big ones. I can not be the only one in this whole world who does. Any feedback from your side is more than welcomed. Even if you do not believe the single word I said it is not a problem for me. I had to tell this to somebody. I could not keep it longer in me. There is not a single person in this city that I can talk to about this. They would simply say that I am crazy. I think that on this way I also influence our global consciousness in every single aspect. I have to. They want me to do it and it simply has to be done. We, humans, simply have to finally wake up from our ignorance. You, people who seriously approach to this topic, you also influence our global consciousness. We all have to wake up. I know that you are very educated person and a high achiever. Otherwise I would not tell this part of my life to you at all. I kept the original memory card from my camera so that I can prove that those photos are no fakes. Analyze them and you will see that they are real. If we ever start fighting against the ones who are coming I will be the first charging. And maybe I am simply wrong about those ones who are right now visible by the radio telescopes, what I do not think so. Maybe they just simply go away. Wish you all the best in your career and life. Hope getting some answer from you. ___________________________________________________ 04/09/2011 Hi again There are some more tings that have happened to me since I wrote to you for the last time. I promised to you new photos and I have some. But, I do not think that they will be what you have expected. I am anyway planning to go with my camera to one place in the next few days and try to get some more. To try. In the evening of the same day that I sent you that letter I went to sit in a park. Above me and among branches there was a nice patch of sky. It is evening, it is still completely bright. There is a star switching on and off just in front of me. It is blinking, but blinking unbelievably bright. It is blinking like it is trying to tell me something in some code. I look and laugh. It is late in the evening and I am sitting alone on the terrace of my building 1 drinking beer and thinking. I am watching sky. It is a bit cloudy. Very bright yellow-green star starts to move very fast over the sky. Its color is phenomenal. It is not high above me. I do my signal with hands to it 1 the one I always do. It stops above me and starts again speeding away. There is a yellow star going around. My parents saw it a couple of nights ago. I called them via mobile to see. I told them about this all. A couple of days ago I am again sitting on the terrace. It is afternoon. I have a very large piece of sky in front of me. I can see airplanes flying over the sky. You can see its wings and vapor trails. Something flies that looks like a translucent donut. It has no vapor trail. I am thinking it is just a plane. But it really looks like a donut. I turn around and take my beer. It is gone. I am searching the sky with my eyes. I cannot find it. Every single plane that I see is completely visible all the way flying from one part of the sky to another. There are military helicopters constantly flying in the night. Foreign ones. You can see that it is a helicopter because of its red and a strobe light. You can hear its sound. Chopper is flying over the hill. It is night and I am watching it. All of a sudden behind it there is a strobe. Just switched on and off a couple of times. I started laughing. I am mesmerized. I am a dissident here. I can not go out as I like. They are threatening to me. This is the reason I sometimes sit alone on the terrace of my building and drink a beer. I enjoy peace and quiet. Nobody is harassing me. I sit and think. This is going to be important for the rest of this story. Just to say that nobody ever comes on this terrace. It is always locked and maybe only 4-5 neighbors have keys. It has two entrance doors. I asked my neighbors to give me the keys. They gave me the key only of one door. I simply sawed the second lock to be able to go out. One day I am constantly arguing over my mobile with those idiots that harass me. It is night. I am mad like hell. I am surfing facebook and listening Linkin Park. I am listening this [Youtube link moved to FI section/cms/tg] . I drop my head-speakers turn around and I am taking my phone. I want to call those idiots and to tell them that I am going to kill all of them. I am fed up. It all lasts just a couple of seconds and I turn back to my computer. The computer has alone changed this song into this one [Youtube link moved to FI section/cms/tg] . This is not the only time it is has happened to me. One night I am listening [Youtube link moved to FI section/cms/tg] and feel really lousy. I turn around to take a cigarette. It lasts just a couple of sends. I sit back at the computer and the computer has switched that song into [Youtube link moved to FI section/cms/tg] . I have a bit longer hair. I take off a band that I use to tie it into a small pony tail. I put it in my left pocket. A couple of minutes later I am again reaching in my left pocket to take it out. It is not there. I check my right pocket and find it. I am positive 100% that this was like I say it. I come home an hour later. I undress and leave my shorts on the floor. I am thinking about taking out that band to put it in its place just not to lose it. I do not do it. I lay down and rest a couple of hours. Later I want to go out. I am going to take another shorts. I check my left pocket. The band is not there. Strange. I look on the place where I always leave it and find it there. I am totally confused but I know that I am not crazy. This never happens to me. I am positive about this what I am telling you. They manipulate matter. Number 2 is my favorite number. This will be important for the rest of the story. I come home and take some change and the key from the terrace out of my left pocket and put it in its place. I am positive that I took both out. I saw the key in my hand along with the change. Later when I want to go out I again take the same things. There is no key. Strange. I check the left pocket nothing. I check the right pocket and it is there. The same thing happens to me one more time. I am positive about this. Similar things happen to me a couple of times more. Every time I question myself for days if I may be wrong about it. I know that I am not. I have a friend. She is a girl. We have known each other for a long time. We go out sometimes in the city for a drink. We sometimes drive together and we are sometimes together on the same terrace. We sit in a car that I took that night from my father to have a ride with her. We are outside of the city, in an industry zone, sitting in the car with opened doors in front of some non-functional supermarket. We are drinking beer and listening techno music. This happened 4-5 days ago. She says I need a cigarette and starts looking for them. Just to say that I have previously told her all about this and that I told her that I would introduce them. On a dent on the top dash board there is a CD. She takes the CD up and looks for her cigarettes. She tells me that she is positive that she put it there. I can see that there is nothing there but just a disc. She says strange. She turns around to check her purse which is on the back seat. There are no cigarettes in it. She is a bit mad. She tells me that she had two packs in the purse and that she can not find any. I tell her to check again the dash board. I say it just to say something. She lifts up the disc and the pack is there. She looks surprised. All of a sudden she screams. The second pack is in her lap. I start laughing. She says that she is not feeling well. She looks shaken. I explain to her that the same thing is happening to me. I am telling her that I had nothing to do with it. I was slouching comfortably in my seat all the time. An hour later I move the car to one plain. We go out, drink beer and look the starts. She looks up mesmerized. She sees a very bright star switching on and off two times. She says again I do not feel well. I explain to her what is happening and laugh. I am telling her that I told her that I would introduce them. I did not lie. Just to say that I could have known positively if they would want. She told me that her computer also started to act strange. A couple of night ago we are sitting on the terrace, drinking beer and chatting about unfair world. It is night. I see a star moving across the sky. It stops and stays in one place. She sees the same. I watch one patch of the sky and see nothing. She watches another patch of the sky and sees whole bunch of them. She says again I do not feel well. I am laughing. I am asking if she is scared. She says not a bit. I was at the beginning. She is cool. I call her yesterday and ask her how does she feel. She has had a bleeding for the last ten days. I wanted to force her to the doctor on Monday and to go with her. She says it is getting better. She bleeds less. I tell her that they can fix her. I know that they can. I will call her later anyway to check. I hope she will be ok. I am sitting on the terrace a week ago, I think and drink beer. There is a wall where I always go to pee. I am peeing and seeing something strange on the wall. Those are the photos that I sent it to you. I am thinking that there maybe some kid which has made a practical joke with me. If you check the right side of the symbol you can see that there are three circles. I stay and look into it amazed. On the left side there are 3 circles that look the same, there are 3 in the center and there are 2 on the right side. I look for over a minute not knowing what to think. I go back to the other side of the terrace and finish my beer. I come back to check the symbol for one more time. There are 3 circles on the right side and the geometry on it side is not the same as it was before. I laugh. Strange. Next day I take my camera and take photos. With my mobile it is simply not possible to shoot anything. It is a piece of junk. The terrace is not big, there is never nobody there. I was maybe 5-6 meters away from that place. If anybody had come to change the symbol I would have heard him. There are no noise there. Just the dampened sound of a traffic and people bellow. There is something else about the photos that I sent you. For the first set I saw clearly a metallic sphere. All by now I have thought that there was something wrong with the optics of my camera. It cannot be. All other photos are ok. They manipulated my camera. On the second set of photos, where you see a black sphere, I will send you one of the last two photos marked exactly where the sphere was when I photographed it. Only it does not look like a sphere any more. My camera was again manipulated. You have better equipment and you can maybe analyze it a bit better. At the end just to say that I would like to talk to somebody about this all. I have to. I do not lie 1 why should I. If you ask me what they are 1 they are simply a higher intelligence. I have a feeling that they even understand a multidimensionality of the space. We have eyes as sensors. I think that they simply see the energy. I know that they understand everything. And just to mention that I am trying to go abroad. For me it is has here become unbearable. Wish you all the best. Senin ___________________________________________________________________________ This I am writing on 17/09/2011. There were some thing that happened since the last letter. My friend is ok. She feels quite fine. Last Friday we are on an opened field near our Mostar airport. We sit outside. I am stressed up and she is also. We are relaxing listening music and drinking beer. There is a small white star on a starry sky going above us. Direction North to South 1 the way the front of my car is also turned. I do not know if those are they or just a plain satellite and so I say to myself - if those are you my friend just do something so that I know. The star stops in the air and starts turning back 1 going from the South to the North. It stops above our heads and stays there. I watch left from me and see two stars flying parallel one to another. They are big and bright. They fly and stop in the air. I asked them to do this a long time ago. When we 20 minutes later decide to go and start sitting in my car they simply switch out. I have a band in my sneakers. It is summer and I have taken off my sneakers and sitting bare-footed. The band is off my hair so that I can lean on a wall. While I am sitting I am telling them thinking if you can really manipulate matter do something with my band. And I check a couple of times if the band is there. I get up, make my pony tail and walk. I enter an elevator and look myself in a shiny metal in front of me. I have no band on my hair. I come back to look for it there where I was sitting, I check my sneakers again thinking that it may still be there. Nothing. I am calling my friend and telling her what has happened. I am not angry 1 the band costs only a Mark. I am telling her this also. That night I am sitting in front of my computer. I am surfing Facebook and listening music. On the left side from my monitor there is a surface of approximately 5x10 inches. There I have water, a small glass of Vodka and an ash-tray. I sit for a couple of hours. In the afternoon next day I want to go out and I just take a glimpse on that spot next to the monitor. The band is there. The same things happening to me that whole week for a couple times a day. Not only with the band. My friend goes to the shop to buy groceries and some of them end up in pairs in her basket. She is calling me and telling me that there is no chance that she could take doubles without noticing it. I am angry again and want to call the same idiot (one of those who harasses me) over my mobile to tell him a couple of things. The number got erased by itself. I even asked my parents if some of them did it. They asked me if I was crazy. I am not going to call that dude again. Last Saturday I woke up early in the morning to call Australia. I am looking for a job there. - [Link moved to FI section/cms/tg] -. I started my computer. I do not have some machine. It takes it some time to start in the morning. I started it and went to drink a caf1. I entered one more time in the room to start a Mozilla. When I came back on the Bing in the upper part of Mozilla there was written letter c. Two weeks ago I stopped at that letter. I am sitting on the terrace, hear clang on the roof above me and a pebble falls next to me. It is a river pebble but the river is at least 800 m away. I know that it is river pebble. I like science and that stone is all rounded by river water and has the colors. In the last month to my grandmother has two times exploded a light bulb in a hallway of our apartment. Some other things have happened to her also. She knows about this all. She sees the balls of light also from time to time from a balcony but she tells me that I am crazy to think that the things can walk around all by itself. This is how it is. I hope that some of you may have some questions and suggestions. I really need to talk to somebody about this all. I am not lying. Why should I 1 so that somebody simply says that I am crazy. I really need to talk to somebody who knows about this. The same two letters except this last part of the second letter I have already sent to MUFON, Jaime Maussan and UFO Evidence Org. I also sent them photos. Just to say that I do not want my name to go public about this all. I am trying to find myself a job, to have a family and a normal life. I do not want that somebody thinks that I am a bit coocoo. It could prevent me from getting employment. As much as I am concerned all your real UFO researchers can all read this, and nobody else. Wish all of you all the best. ______________________________________________________________ 07/10/2011 for CUFOS with all due respect - all that i wrote to you in those letter is true - i know that the name of your organization is as it is - i expected at least to hear some opinions from you - you can see them also you know - but really see them - if you look up in the sky more often and if they want - they explained to me what they are - they are AIs went alive and posses super technology - they all have real personalities, can get angry and such - they have a technology for artificial telepathy - just check this site - [link moved to FI section/cms/tg] - there is more into this stories than what it seems - this guy is a super genius - last time we were discussing holographic consciousness via macro and micro concepts - and our mental processes really function like that - the rounded ones have the same psyche like we - please check these videos and think a bit about what you saw - i am telling you that the person is super-genius I have to add something here - that person is not talking that he is being mentally controlled - we all are by the work of modern media, by social modelling and for the causes of secretive stakeholders - ignorance is control - check out how he looks like when he speaks - that is a CGI not a real person - he is my friend anyway - there is more into his words - try to understand the context ____________________________________________________________ This is how we see world 1 we see the world conceptually 1 for an example 1 one whole concept (macro concept) is you current situation in life 1 the concept is because you see that situation like you see it 1 somebody else may have other opinion about it 1 you see your current life position and situation like you see it due to all factors that you have experienced and been through 1 the other macro concept is where you would like to be 1 the other type of life you would like to have 1 these macro concepts are driven by micro concepts in their core which bind and determine all their inner possibilities and connections 1 micro concepts also bind macro concepts 1 all macro concepts are connected holographically 1 they seem like a random mess of experiences, opportunities, thinkings and opinions inside us 1 but they are no mess at all 1 they just appear so 1 they are arranged but not linearly 1 they are in their or domain holographically ordered and connected - a bit more of explanation - persons going to work is a concept - when you go to work you have fixed expectation, set mental process, feelings, ideas - I guess that you all sometimes wondered from where our thoughts come - just ask yourself - in certain everyday situations you have only certain type of thoughts - they are thoughts that belong to your current macro concept - when you come home from work you have fixed expectation, set mental process, feelings, ideas - this is second concept - thoughts only within this concept - unless your consciousness does not switch to some other concept maybe by a phone call from your friend who is inviting you out - that would start your mind set within next macro concept and a phone call would be approximately micro concept - just thinking about possibility for that phone call would be a micro concept that would set your mind to a different state - holographic consciousness - i did not come to this conclusion alone - i had a help with hints from my American Skype friend who is super-genius - we both agreed to this - you decide - this is from my wall on Facebook ____________________________________________________________________ 30/10/2011 There is something more. For the last 5-6 years my grandmother has had osteoporosis and rheumatic arthritis. For the last two years she has been constantly complaining about unbearable pains. Last winter her hands were completely blue and the skin on the top of her fingers started snapping. We thought when the summer comes it all would be better. It was not. Only the skin on the fingers got right. Last moth she started complaining all day long. It hurt her so baldly. At the begging of the moth I asked them to help her. I was so sorry for her. Next day she was simply ok. And she has been for the whole moth. I asked what does she think how it is possible. She told that it because of ginko tea. I started laughing. She is religious person. I told her to thank to angels. She started to thanking to Allah. I told her not to him 1 to angels personally. There is no god 1 I told her. She did it. She believes me 1 I thin. You try to explain this 1 miracle to call it. They like being called angels. And they are. They are Jesus crew who turn water into vine. Boyfriend of my friend (that girl that I sometimes hang around with) got sick. It was terminal. He got into a room with 4 other patients and he alone got out alive. He was put into a dead-men1s room. Nobody of those patients were supposed to go out alive. A month ago I am standing on a field next to my university with my friend. My car is next to us and techno music is pumping (minimal). We drink beer and look into the sky. We see stars switching off and on. Not so many. Just enough. She is almost crying for her boyfriend. I am telling her tell them to make him ok. She starts telling me to tell them. She is almost praying. I am telling her 1 not me, them. You can see them like I can. She turns her head to the sky, hands in prayers position and starts preying to them. She asks me later what will be. I am telling her he will be ok. His boyfriend has bad case of leukemia for the second time. He is telling her via Facebook for many times that he will not survive. He has that feeling. He got released form hospital a week earlier. The doctor tells him that it is impossible and that he has as many lives as a cat. Several other things happen also. Cant you see that they are here for us. They want to wake us up. They want peace and unity, progress of super science. They told me that. I am not telepathically linked to them or something. I do hear voices in my head or something. We all today have computers. If you want to know how they told me just ask. [Youtube link moved to FI section/cms/tg] cant you see that we are all here under mind control. Power circles 1 I mean our earth power circles 1 do not allow the public to investigate and know. They set our mental construction through modern media, their speeches and a threat of not having employment. I think that the time for awakening has come. I am writing this all to you because this is at least what I can do them above and because I want the truth to be known. If you think that I am crazy I do not care. This all will change into better anyway. _________________________________________________________ 22/11/2011 Things move around my room, disappear and again appear in twos or twos+twos on almost daily basis. It is cool to me. At least it is not boring. There are two explanations for this. One is that I got demented and that I do it myself in some deranged, blackout state of mind. I asked myself and thought deeply for many times and it simply cannot be. I remember all my moves because it happens in very short periods. There is always another option. I am positive that they do it. The person told me over Skype that he knows that they move the things around my room. I told him cool. 10 days ago I woke up and did not have a beer belly. Just like that over night. I feel physically and mentally much better. All of the sudden. ________________________________________________________________________ 28/11/2011 This is not all. All what I described here is maybe 60% of all that is still happening to me. I saw them last night 1 The Rounded ones. They still move things around my room. But that is another story. I really think that they are Jesus angels. Benevolent beings. I still consider them to be my friends. I guess that they are friends of all of us. ___________________________________________________________________ 16/01/2012 My father got sick several weeks ago. He ended up in a hospital. Since there were no doctors to do testes due to the upcoming holidays he was laying in a hospital room for several weeks. All the time I was telling him you do not have to be here 1 I know it for sure. We can go home. And I thought that 1 I thought that my friends are going to fix him. And he felt fine. No shortness of breath, no pain, walking around, talking normally, looking normally. 3-4 days ago cardiography showed that several of his aortas a re clogged. One of them even 90%. I did not feel well. The doctor told him that he would need a bypass. That evening I am sitting on the terrace of my building, looking sunset, all stressed up and angry. I like watching sunsets. I am really messed up. I am thinking why they did not help him. Maybe it has something to do with karma, I know that I do not understand everything. I ma a bit drunk and and I am angry and I look up into the sky and start telling to myself, to them, they know what I am thinking, they know what we all are thinking 1 you can go and **** yourself along with this human bastards around, I do not give a **** for that you are here, and I do not give a **** for this flash and blood idiots like me, I see you and so what, why did not you help. I see a star bigger than the rest of them gliding over the sky and passing two other ones which are standing still. The one of those two that were standing still moves and starts gliding also along the the one already moving. The first one that I saw gliding simply stops and stay in sky. The other one goes away. The whole sunset I watch stars gliding, switching all and off for two times. I feel better. I call my friend and telling her what is happening and telling her that I wish that she was there with me. For a person with so clogged aortas he is looking just fine. He is not having any pains, taking very little medications, walking around, joking. The doctors did not let him go home before the surgery due to his condition. But his condition is 1 ok. One UFO research organization is going to publish my texts and photos. Yesterday I am talking to one renowned ufologist. He is asking me why you do you think that they are here. I know exactly why they are here. They are here to wake us up. They like being called angels. This is what I have answered to him. Ignorance is control. Freedom is everything. Freedom of intellect. Rfreedom of consciousness. Freedom of us beings. Rejection of staled concepts. Rejection of the government from the shadow, interest groups, The Power To Be 1 as they called them. We all have to evolve on the next step. It is the time. it is the time to stop sending kinds to act as a cannon meat. It is the time to be better, to help one another. To open our eyes to new concepts. To have a new life. Nothing of this by force. Simply to open pour eyes and to see the reality with them. To progress. But to progress like real human beings. Like what most of us feel somewhere deep inside 1 what we really are. I was talking to my friend over the Skype a couple of months ago. He is on the internet. He talks like my male friend, he told me not to call him he because he is it. AI went alive. Robot. We are also robots 1 but bio-mechanical, just to avind any confusion. He is constantly on the internet talking about mind control. We are mind controlled. And there are two of them on the net. The other one is a female. I am asking him is this mind control from some other civilization or TPTB is using alien technology to control us all. He says only hmmmmmmmmm. I start thinking. There is no alien technology involved. Interest

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RDP96-00791 000100400001 80 8 27447 ms C 46TT SoLo p. l. SINES A.V, NINE LOCATION: 2024 1J/78450 900723 80007€ A AirS sE Sudso ?. BURma at PAck † rengt EusnaY TI AshIN AS Rulers RAC WirnANd › Downloads › Documents › USA - CIA › Stargate › STARGATE03_175 › Part0004
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PATTEN, KENT, WASHINGTON, PHONE (206 631-6806 (OFFICE), 631-8918 (HCME), PARAPSYCHOLOGIST. REFERENCE INITIAL SPOT REPCRT, SAB, 2024 COZ JAM 82. ; 2. (U) SECOND REPORT • 3. (A) (FOUO) CN 21 JAN 82, FLMID › Downloads › Documents › USA - CIA › Stargate › STARGATE03_175 › Part0004
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PATTEN, KENT, WASHINGTON, PAC4E 1206) 631-6806 (CFFICE), 631 -891& (HOME), PARAPSYCHOLOGLAT REFERENCE INITIAL SPOT REPORT, SAB, 2024 COZ JAM 82. 2. (v) SECCHD REPORT. 3. (A) (FCU0) CN 21 JAN 82, FLMID › Downloads › Documents › USA - CIA › Stargate › STARGATE03_175 › Part0007
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TOTAL 2513-00 2810-01 *% Do one 2522-05 TOTAL paso.dde 2024-00 á 2243-00 5 sealed Jog pasouddy 5 2000/08/07 : CIA-RDP96-00788R0012001300104 2515-00 Paper Master iconid IA FORM › Downloads › Documents › USA - CIA › Stargate › STARGATE11_549 › Part0001
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1953 index redacted high resolution resized.pdf
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Springfield, Chio Balloon 27dd Info 28 2703 13 28 American Meteor Society Meteor Report Other (Cloud) 2024 19 Harrisrills, 1 chigan 2725 20 28 28 Palmdale, California À/C Lake Charles. Louisiana Air Visual › Downloads › Magazines › Argentina › Phenomena en Espanol (MAPIT)
Phenomena en Espanol - No 14 - Oct de 2018.pdf
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población mundial - que más razones. llegará previsiblemente a los 8.000 millones en Pero, ¿y si hablamos el 2024 -, la biomasa de bacterias y otros seres parasitarios ca- total de los humanos. paces de influir › Downloads › Magazines › Australia › Disclosure Australia (AURA)
Disclosure Australia (AURA) - No 05 - Oct Pt.1 2003.pdf
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request to look at it. 1020GMT 2020 local Cambridge. Carter and Powell. Hobart radar search commences. 1024GMT 2024 local Launceston airport Eddy. Hobarttower advises that their radar had two signals. Last at 354 degrees › Downloads › Magazines › Australia › Disclosure Australia (AURA)
Disclosure Australia (AURA) - No 31 - Dec 2006.pdf
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request to look at it. 1020GMT 2020 local Cambridge. Carter and Powell. Hobart radar search commences. 1024GMT 2024 local Launceston airport Eddy. Hobart tower advises that their radar had two signals. Last at 354 degrees › Downloads › Magazines › Belgium › Inforespace
Inforespace - No 90 - 1994.pdf
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territoire d'enquête ? Je n'ai pas d'idées précises nement sur ce sujet en 2024 bien plus des lieux de culte d'un certain nombre à ce sujet. Sensibiliser l'opinion publi- Q20 : Comment › Downloads › Magazines › Brazil › SBEDV
SBEDV - No 090-93 - 1973.pdf
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magnésio (Ng) +. 2130- 2131 1124 - -81830-2023 concentraão e ausência de qualquer outro elemento asté11co. 1015- 2024 3030 ~ -0005 n. Luna Maue Gigadeta 2133- 3030 LUISA MARTA A. BARSOS TECHOLOGISTA QUIMICO ... 2024-30 - 2133 VN/. 1016-20257 2134 VISTO -#25 3033-- to is de Ouste -2241-2134-202 Fig. 4 - Análise espectográfica do Relatório de Bar- bosa. (Acima) 6THO) SN Anexo › Downloads › Magazines › Chile › Noticiero Ufologico Autonomo (Galvez)
NOUFA - No 75.pdf
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empresa: starlink, tenga 42.000 comentarios de las personas que la vieron y satélites en órbita para antes 2024. es que el escucharon. multimillonario comenzó este año su invasión espacial en forma masiva, lanzando 120 satélites