MUFON 34853

we saw a triangle shaped plane that defied physics an account from two professional mature people, well up the socio economic ladder my wife and i were on our back deck while i had a smoke between 9:30 and 10pm monday the 9th of january. the sky was cloudless and the moon bright, but from above to the west the sky wAS dark and star filled, as the moon was far east. i had my celestron spotter bi nocs out acclimizing as it was very crisp and cold that night, but with no wind and no clouds. it was cold crisp and clear, and i could hear trans continentals 30 miles away to the south. my wife pointed out a bright light almost due west. i trained on this light with binoculars. and could see a craft i just assumed was a helicopter. i saw a red light on one side and a green light on the other, a bright white light to give the definition of triangle, and a dimmer white LED'ish strobe light from within the center. other than the strobe light the others seemed absurdly bright, yet not blinding. the (what i assumed was a helicopter rotated 360* without an iota of deviation up and down, or side to side). i was zoomed in considerably, lateral movement would have been obvious. when it stopped rotating, pointed our direction was a bright light, but not spot light, just very bright. this was soon obviously the nose of the craft, as it headed directly to our location and directly above us on our back step. about 450 to 500 feet. (i later confirmed the altitude, by measuring the focus of my binoculars to a duck blind down my river, approximately 550 to 600 feet. the duck blind was in focus and i had not adjusted my scope since the incident. as mentioned before we could hear liners far south barely visible. this object in the 4 minutes of transit was absolutely quiet. almost eerily so, that we did not discern even the road traffic ourselves or in recording. as it approached i saw a triangular black craft kinda like a stealth bomber, wings from nose but straight across tail from wing tip to wingtip (triangular). its lights were ridiculously bright but did not seem to emit light (hard to describe) as it was directly above us we could see its belly. my wife plain sight and myself still with binocs. the craft was moving no more than 30 km's per hour. and suddenly we both could see (as i had to drop the binocs because of brightness) the entire craft except its very tips with the lights. transformed into the whitest and most perfectly spherical ball of white light, it was perfectly round and whitish blue, and only the tips of the craft were protruding. despite the blinding whiteness of this orb, strangely, the colored lights were also very noticeable. the bright sphere went out. and the craft flashed three pink lights nose to tail (down the center) and then instantly two lights inside the colored lights of the wings but out from center of the rear light that flashed in the 3 sequence. and then it carried on, to the east. and stopping about a half mile from me, as it went over the rise to see the town of cornwall. it seemed to consciously skirt the town and just do the circumfrence and come back. we watched this cycle 3 times and then it went north and we never saw it again. total time within 1000 feet was about 5 minutes. beyond 1000 feet about an hour. we have video from a crappy iphone. but wouldnt you know, it only recorded when the thing was beyond a quarter mile, but did record sound and grey screen the entire time it was over us. you can hear us discuss its soundlessness, the fact we can hear further objects, but for video only grey screen. id be interested if anyone else saw it. the wife and i kinda asked around without sounding crazy. and no one we talked to saw anything. the papers and google search has shown nothing from anyone else either.
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