MUFON 34843

orb like ufo in daylight I was taking my dog for a walk and to feed stray dogs in my neighborhood. As I left the my apartment building (witch is facing south), I heard the sound of an aircraft above me. When I raised my eyes, I saw two commercial aircrafts in my visual sight. I kept walking and after 30 second I raised my eyes again on the sky to see the aircrafts. I saw the aircraft far away but also I spotted, to the southeast, very high in the sky, a white spherical object .When I first noticed the object I was thinking to planet Jupiter. The object was moving, it looked like floating up and down with a white dull color. I grabbed my camcorder from my pocket (I have the camcorder along with me all the time) and started to record. When I was recording the object, it started to move very slowly to the right losing it several times in the clouds. After five minutes of recording I got the mesage from my camcorder to replace battery, and soon after, died. I took my dog and we run home to get my binocular and to power up my camcorder. In five minutes I was on my balcony with my camera conectedto charger. Object was still there in the sky right in front of my balcony moving slowly to the right. Sun had set and the object started now to glow, looking like a flying star ... On my balcony, as I set my camcorder on the tripod, I took my binocular. In binocular the objects looked like a glowing white dot. Soon , object stopped and stood there in the sky like a bright star. Some nasty clouds came and covered the star like object ! I have my record uploaded here : [Link moved to FI section/cms/tg] and I submit 3 parts of my original record.
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