MUFON 34263

Circular Bright White UFO moving over Cayman Islands On Dec. 12, 2011 a friend of mine called me over to help him move some funiture into his truck. We loaded up a large sofa into the truck around 6:30pm and as we finished I decided to take a breather before going back to loading more stuff in. So I looked up in the sky searching to see if I could get a look at the moon. As I looked around I saw a few cloud clusters along with a plane and eventually i found the moon. While I was looking, a white object caught the corner of my eye and I looked at it more carefully. As I did I noticed this object was quite large in comparsion to the plane I had seen. I also noticed that this object did not flash or blink its light like the other aircraft I saw which was flashing a interchanging red and blueish/white. The object in question was a large(4 times the size of the stars that we could see) and it displayed a solid pure-white light. So, about 5 seconds into me seeing this object I alerted my friend. He asked if it was some sort of satellite, and commented that it was moving at a very fast pace and that it was silent. Which it did, compared to the airplane. We watched as the object passed through some cloud cover, still remaining visible due to the extreme brightness on its mass. It took about 20seconds to disappear from our viewpoint as it passed through a layer of thicker clouds. After which my friend just brushed it off as nothing really spectacular. He went back inside to continue loading and I stayed out there for maybe another minute or so before I followed suit and went back to help him. After it passed it thought about the possiblity of it being a UFO, I texted a few friends saying I may have seen a UFO. I continued to think about it for a while as we were gathering more furniture to load. Once we loaded the truck up we headed out down the road to a shop nearby(approx. 3minutes away) that was going to purchase the furniture. When we unloaded most of the stuff from the truck I looked around in the sky again. (The time was 7:02pm) To my suprise I saw the same object again. I immediately told my friend to look up again and he saw it. He said, "I don't think its a satellite." The object once again moved with a very quick pace, emmitted the same solid bright white light, same shape and silence. The only difference was the direction in which we saw it coming from was different from the first time. But where we saw it dissappear to was in the same direction we lost sight of it from the first time. There was more cloud cover in the area and we were only able to view it for approx. 10secs. When the object was out of our sight we continued to look around for a few more minutes, we no avail. We both agreed that it was something strange to see it a second time. Same characteristics. When I finished helping out, I stayed outside for another 2hours hoping to see it again. With no luck. Since then Ive been outside for hours each night looking up hoping to see it again, with no luck again...
Source ID34263