MUFON 33839

purple light appeared roughly 1 mile traveled a short distance disappeared and reappeared in a different place at the same time I was at my friends house which is about a quarter mile from mine standiing in the yard tossing around a football when I caught a light out of the corner of my eye. It appeared only for a moment just long enough for me and one other to see it. About an hour later we see it again. Only this time about six or seven people including myself see it. I saw it first and I screamed for everyone to look. it was a violet looking light that looked about the size of the light on a cell phone tower if you was looking at it from about a mile away. It appeared to drift along a bit then disappeared and reappeared at the exact same time but in a different place. if there was two cell phone towers side by side the distance between the lights is about how far it traveled when it reappeared. I have seen a number of things that seemed unusual in the sky that I didn't put much thought into but this was absolutely amazing. I have never seen anything like it even though it was just a light. It was faster than anything I have ever seen. I haven't seen anything since that night despite staring at the sky almost everyday. I am now a firm believer that ufo's are in our skies.
Source ID33839