MUFON 33424

no object observed,just unknown creatures I cannot say what job i do,(official secrets act),say no more.Whilst Patrolling an area i noticed a strange vibration on the air and the worst smell i have ever smelt in my life,like rotten eggs.I was standing at the entrance to a tunnel checking the lock/gate was secured.From below about 30 metere's down the hill in the scrub,i saw creature's appear from what appeared to be a portal.Like a door from either an invisable craft or from another dimension that these creatures where stepping through. I know how crazy this is going to sound.But i know what i saw.One of the thin tall skinny creatures was kind of half in and out of this gateway at one time.It seemed to be giving instructions to the others.You could only see its upper body as it appeared through this doorway with a shimmer of blue light around it.I know how this sounds and i know some people will think it all bull.But understand i am terrified by what i have seen and only i know how real my fear is at this moment.After these cretures vacated the area i was frozen to the spot.I dare not move incase some of these things where still around,Eventually,no idea how much time.i just ran to the vehicle and got out of there. I need to get this off my chest and then forget it ever happened.So thankyou for your time,i hope you never have this experiance which i can only describe as life altering.
Source ID33424