MUFON 31912

Glowing flying saucer I can't even remember the year, but it was a late autumn evening. I was 16 back then, and that night I was leaving the summer cottage. I locked the door, and as I was turning around i froze looking up: a glowing disc flew wobbling over my head and disappeared behind the houses and trees in 3 seconds. It made no noise, I only felt vibrations from it1s wobbling - it made ~10 one-two meter jumps side-to-side while flying straight. It's color was very outlandish, I guess between cyan and turquoise. After I lost sight of the object I rushed to the gates where my brother was waiting in the car. I asked if he saw a UFO, but he didn't. That evening I told my parents about what I saw. And then I buried this event in my memory for a few years before telling my friends and other people. Note 1: I made an illustration from a recently taken photo. Note 2: Object wasn't flying fast, but it's rapid wobbling made it hard to see the details of the surface, but it definitely wasn't smooth. Note 3: I have had a number of UFO sightings (orbs of light) in the recent years, and I saw what looked like two stars shooting light beams at each other when I was about 5 or 6.

Source ID31912