MUFON 30999

was hovering above to the right of south tree, 4 wittnesses/night vision went out side with night vision after midnight to look for u.f.o. disk seen on aug.5th. 2011. just after midnight. pointed night vision to south west of south tree in back yard. and immediately saw round disk hovering in the air about 1/2 mile to a mile above ground level. it must have noticed me looking at it again. it was hovering almost vertical this time. and after seeing bottom of disk it turned as too see side veiw as if it were looking at me. it shot back and forth as trying too loose my sight of it. it took off too the east and dissapeared. came bock across to the east. went behind east tree, then came back out looked at me again. (side veiw) hovered to the left. and stopped moved at the speed of light to the left and right leaving a light trail. like it was frustrated that i could still see it as well as follow it with the night vision. the sky was cloud coverd 100% so craft would go into clouds then come back out after a few minutes. 2 friends just showed up at my home so i yelled for them too come to me and look thruogh my night vision to see this disk. we all took turns watching it. it hovered around went into clouds would return. hover, for the next 20 min. untill it finally left. so far I have had three eye wittness accounts above my home in the last 4 weeks. there certainly is alot of activity around here. must come and see. i'm sure it will be back, more than I know i beleive.

Source ID30999