MUFON 29561

2 nights in a row! I normally watch the skies once the sun goes down as a matter of habit living in the mountains over the Mediteranean sea. I have just come back from Canada and been here in Zitouna for about 5 weeks now. On June 13th, I was watching the sky as it is so crystal clear and silent here looking directly North, and a large bright white light appeared, no other apparent anything, no noise, no strobing, relatively lower then the stars, moved east and disappeared in front of me. Then last night, June 14th, as with all the other reports i see on Mufon, i saw exactly the same thing, only my sister in law watched it with me for several minutes appear from SE and head in an irregular flight path NE over the Sea and appeared to be descending out of view. No idea what it was, definitely not a plane, I don't think satellites fly at such a low altitude, this object/orb appeared to be moving low over the mountain like it was close. It definitely was unidentifiable. I do not drink, or do drugs, I have a university degree, this was definitely wierd. I will try to video it tonight if it comes back.
Source ID29561