MUFON 28626

one solid light chased by multiple flashing smaller lights My name is *(Wit's name deleted--CMS/sg). I recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. While stationed at COS Garry Owen, just outside of the city of Al Amarah, I witnessed a UFO event that my friends and I could not explain away. It happened late at night, close to 11 or midnight local time. We were all sitting outside of our living trailer enjoying the coolest part of the day and listening to music. We had a cloud ceiling that night and no stars or moon were visible. Usually a clear night meant we would be running for shelter due to the fact that insurgents liked to fire rockets and mortars at us on those evenings. So typically cloudy evenings would mean that we would be able to get some sleep or enjoy some time outside with our comrades without wearing our body armor. My attention was drawn to a single round light in the sky. It stood out like a sore thumb due to the fact that there were no stars or moon out and that our aircraft (Apaches, Blackhawks, and Chinooks) were not taking off or landing. Besides, our aircraft fly lights out at night so I knew it wasn't us. I pointed it out to my friend Christopher Marko and he too noted the strange light. We watched it for a while and made a note that it was flying in a manner that was highly unusual. It seemed to be moving in all directions without any concern for the physics of flight that I have ever seen. It did strange right to left movements, looping maneuvers, and traveling in different paths. My driver, **(Name deleted--CMS/sg), went inside and got his camera and attempted to film the object. It did not appear to show up in the view finder but he kept recording anyway. Before he got the camera out, two smaller lights showed up and were chasing the original light. These lights moved very fast and began an amazing display of flickering, strobing, and multiplying. This display lasted at least 5 minutes before all of the lights disappeared. Marko and I were amazed by what we saw and really were at a loss for an explanation. We watched the film on his camera but it didn't show up on it's display screen. He went inside to go to bed but I stayed up to see if they came back. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later they came back at the same spot. They did very similar maneuvers and chased the single light again. This time I ran after them as far as I could before my progress was stopped by our T-walls. They were low enough to be under the cloud ceiling but I could not make out the shape or what they were. After the disappeared for the second time, I heard multiple helicopters spool up and take off from our base. I am sure that my group of people outside could not have been the only ones to have witnessed this event. I told this story to all of my close friends and family when I got back home but was met with lukewarm reception. They did not ask any questions or say much at all. I don't think they wanted to upset me or hurt my feelings by saying that they did not believe me. I just happened to be going through all of the pictures that my friends and I took in country and came across the two video files that we shot that night. I realized that I had never watched them on my computer or a big screen before so I decided to do just that. We did, in fact, capture quite a bit of footage. I am attaching the video file for you to review. I am hoping that you all can enhance the video quality and examine the phenomenon as well. I know that they were not flares from a helicopter or aircraft because those start in a single point and fan out away from the craft. They were happening all over the sky in random appearances, and reappeared a short time later. I know for a fact that we hold total air superiority in country so anything that is in the sky is ours so I have two theories. It is either a UFO or some high speed new craft that I am not aware of. I had to break the film up into two files because it was over the 25mb limit of my email. I do have an original copy in its entirety. In the first part you will notice the flickering lights and the randomness and vast scale on which they appear. I don't have any advanced video software but did view it with the contrast and brightness on high and you can see the objects behavior more clearly. It's pretty wild. In the second part Marko was moving around and caught our porch light, T-walls, and our trailer for a brief moment. It was unintentional and that light was not what we were watching.

Source ID28626