MUFON 28534

3 luminous orbs circled my 11 yr old son for 2 min captured on his cell camera My son came home from walking in our residential park at around 8pm. He was noticeably shaken and frightened. He detailed the 3 luminous orbs circling him for about 2 min then one disappeared leaving just 2 then finally one remained before it disappeared.(100ft-200ft)Appeared to move around almost like circling. No other witnesses but he had his cell phone with him and captured the event. I literally had to wrestle the cell phone from him to try and transfer to my computer for future examination. He was afraid the men in black would give him a visit. Keep in mind he is from a culture where technology and education is back in the 1950's. I reviewed the recording and he did witness an unusual event with 3 orbs. But like so many videos taken at night it is just 3 lights moving around with a dark back drop....though not spectacular I do believe the video is of exactly what he saw.... 3 small UFO's. They were not threatening probably benevolent creatures. I will post the fotos as soon as I figure out how to transfer to my computer.

Source ID28534