MUFON 28362

walked up to 50ft. of them,have very sharp,pictures I was hunting saw all the cows running out of the field as fast as they could run. I went out in the field and there it was. Hovering over a pond. It came towards me about 50ft. I got scared and ran to truck. But my truck would not start.I then went back in the field.I stood their allmost 2hrs. looking at them and they were I asume looking at me.No one belived me but I got a camara out of the truck and too a bunch of clear,sharp,100percent beatiful pictures.Gave 2 friends a picture one went to washington,D.C.they I was told they were real pictures.Gave one to my relative who works for the opps.pilot.He had the pictures check by experts the said it was real.You can even see the shodow on the ground in the pictures.Then me and my wife team drove 18 wheelers 1&1/2years on the road.All this time up to now A black aircraft follows me everywhere we go.I have to tell some one and show the pictures to the experts. People need to know there here....*(Wits name deleted--CMS/sg),pls. call me and I will send you copies of them to show Im telling the truth...My phone is being monitered who I don't know. I worked in the U.S.Army with Satilights sending and reciveing messages When you hear what you just said on the phone and echo,, you will hear of what you just said.This I hear all the time now.Even to this day. I have the sharpest clear pictures I have ever seen anywhere.A lump in my right arm showed up two days latter.You can see where something was put under my skin.There is a round scar. I was sleeping in the living room chair one night,They came touched me.I saw them and they rubbed my leg and there mouth didn't move I herd a clear voice in my head say "YOU BEATIFUL"I was awake looking at them at this time.Ive had 20 or so times since then have missed time I cant explan still to this very day...Call with addres and I will fax or mail pictures..
Source ID28362