MUFON 28342

MULTIPLE UFOS SIGHTED OVER MONACO I am based in Monaco, Monte Carlo. The date is 21/3/11 at 10.30 this morning (about 15 minutes ago) I went outside the office for a smoke. It is a perfectly clear sunny day. In the sky, very high up. I spotted some bright white/silverish...orbs?? I suppose. At first i only seen one, but as i adjusted my eyes i saw there were more following. about 7 or 8 in total. All moving in the one direction and weaving in and out amongst each other. They were moving about the same speed as a plane but i could hear no sound. They looked very similar to the ones in New York that I had seen recently in a video....has there been any explanation of that yet? This sort of sighting seems to be very common of late. Any explanations?

Source ID28342