MUFON 28116

High Altitude Bright Strobes I1m a Co-Captain on a Large Corporate Jet. We were Enroute from Canada to Italy over the North Atlantic. I was just about to make our regular position report to Shanwick Radio, which is mostly why I have such a pin point position and time for this report. My college noticed it first then pointed it out to me. This happened just last night. 03/05/11 at LAT/LONG N54 00.0 W030 00.0 Altitude 41,000' at 05:55UTC first signs of sunrise was later at 06:10z a very dim glow on the horizon, noticeable brightness did not occur for about another 45 minutes. The moon was not up, it was very dark and very clear. The Milky way was very bright last night. Only the slightest suggestion of Northern Lights was visible, very very dim. Other Aircraft were visible to us that were over 100 nautical miles away from us. We often look for satellites during the time about to hours before sunrise or after sunset or anything else of note, such as the Aurora Borealis, noctilucent clouds, stars, planets and ufos. (this is the 1st thing that I cant explain) I have a star chart on my computer for reference. Position 1 - We saw a very high Altitude Bright Strobe like light Between HIP 116584 and HIP 113726 A, at least 5 bright flashes, the last one, only half as bright, definitely not an airplane but similar to an aircraft white strobe. Much too rapid a flash as compared to any tumbling satellite that I1ve ever seen. All flashes happened in less than a minute, initially a double pulse (less than 1 sec in between, twice, then 3 singles about 15 seconds apart. Definitely very very high altitude. Brightness was about a magnitude of 1.0 as compared to Spica or Antares. Position 2 - less than a minute later, in very close proximity to HIP 1415, just under Cassiopeia, two more pulses. Position 3 - again less then a minute later, near HIP 2912 in Andromeda, another two pulses, a bright one and a dim one. Total time elapsed was about 3 minutes, I spent another 10 minutes still looking before continuing on with my pilot duties. As I mentioned earlier I was just about to make a position report so I had some cockpit lights on when we first noticed it and was in the process of shutting them off and dimming down all the cockpit instrumentation to get a better look. There was no navigation type lights associated with these "strobes", my eyes were not quite adjusted to the dark at the time of the sighting so I can not tell if this was the same object or 3 different ones. Neither of us could track it, it was just in one position then shortly the next. For tumbling satellites that pulse, you can normally still see them in between the brighter flashes. It was a great distance and from our prospective and it would have been about a 150 degree turn from the second position to the third in a very short time. Even from the first position to the second it would have had to be a very fast satellite to move that far that fast. Also, FYI, of all the traffic that we heard on the radio last night, no other aircraft was up as high as we were. (This is the second time I witness this type event. 1st time was in January 2011 enroute from Barbados to Montreal in vicinity SW of Bermuda. Occurrence was inside the scoop of the Big Dipper. At that time, it was two pulses twice. I did not record any details of that sighting. My Co-Captain did not see it and I let it go. Not this time though.)
Source ID28116