MUFON 28017

Driving down 2 lane highway my brother and I. Saw lights in the sky. That appeared to me as a UFO. My brother and I went out looking for this girl that I met home address. So we proceeded on Brooks Rd off Wetumpka Highway. While driving on Brooks Rd, during a warm summer night approx. 9:00 p.m., I notice some blinking lights in the south night sky. And I asked my brother what are those blinking lights in the sky? And his response was an airplane. And I told him that can't be a airplane with all of those different color lights, such as green, yellow, red and blue. So still while driving, we came to a small bridge and I looked back up in the night sky, and still this object was still in the same place as if it was not moving. But the lights were still blinking. About an 1/2 mile before entering Highway 231, the object with the blinking lights was still up there as if it was up there amongst the stars. And before appoarching Highway 231, there was a house on the left side where a deep ditch runs in front of the home. And the ditch was about 6ft wide and approx. 2-3 ft deep. And all of a sudden this light in the night sky came down and covered the car and all I saw was red. This happened all in a matter of seconds. Since I was driving, my brother may I have witness more of what I seen. My brother and I was so afraid that my brother opened his door-being the passenger door and tried to get out and I being afraid that my brother was going to leave me. I pulled him back into the car. And as me pulling him back into the car in an upright position, there was no more lights or anything as if it disappeared. During all that time the car was in the ditch. I can not understand even to this day, how the car got out of that ditch. And I asked my brother how did we get out the ditch, and he said they pulled us out of that ditch. After being back on that main road from out of that ditch. I was to scared to turn back and go the way we came from. So I proceeded to go on to Highway 231 to go back home. I must have been driving 120-130 miles an hour to get back home. And my brother said to me you gonna get a ticket driving this fast. And I said to him, the police can give me a ticket but it wont be till I got home. When we got home the time was about 9:30 or 9:45, it seemed as if it happened so fast. We went straight into the house and told our mom about what we had seen. And she replied if yall don't get yall asses in bed, I'm gonna whip yall asses. As if we were crazy or something. Every since that encounter I would not go out at night alone up until I left the state. Whenever I go back to visit my family, my brother and I would somehow get on the subject of what happened that night. I still go back to that location only during the day. And what puzzles me, as I have gotten older, I ask myself why were there no one on that stretch of highway that night and the house that this happened in front of where normally people would be sitting out, there was no one. And on this busy interstate, there were no police present. And here is something that is really astounding to me. I left home to come to MI and after being gone for several years. I got married and on the day that I gotten married. I called my mom to inform her that I had just gotten married, which she and no one back home knew that was the plan for me to be getting married. And she replied that your brother had just gotten married too on that same day. And this was the same brother that witness the UFO encounter with me. Also my niece likes to hear of our encounter with the UFO. And her and my mom have stated to me that they have also seen similar objects on a clear summer night. And that they appear all the time. I never missed a night of me gazing into night sky, wondering what is out there. I know what I saw that night, will come to the light of those who doesn't believe in UFO's. I also have on video of where the sighting occured along showing the deep ditch where the car was in at that time. Trying to figure out how did the car get out of that ditch.
Source ID28017