MUFON 27886

Potential UFO sighting Chile Feb 2008 during lunar eclipse (night) Took 4 photographs of lunar eclipse while on vacation in Chile Feb 2008. Photos taken at night with digital camera 10x lense and 5 mp. Feb 2008, in Chile about 45 minutes south of Santiago at wife's family home. Group of friends, small gathering in backyard late at night. Lunar eclipse scheduled to take place. Eclipse took place, I took 4 photographs with my digital camera and put the camera away. About 2 weeks after getting home, I was reviewing the photos of the moon and noticed a small spec to the right of the moon. I enlarged 4 or 5 times and saw what looked like some type of craft. I have a series of 4 photos, each shifting in shape/direction, but all to the left of the moon. I see a cockpit type shape as part of object, which in my 3rd photo is facing away from the moon, but in the 4th photo is facing towards the moon, indicating movement. I have attached the 4th on the series. I did not notice this "spec" when I took the photos. I showed these to a photography expert and he said its a helicopter, which I immediately dismissed. I then showed the photos to a local telescope shop owner who could not confirm/explain what he was seeing. He said it was strange and unidentifiable. Since 2008 I have shown to some friends and family who think photos are amaizing, but I have never followed up with any "professional" group or organization to help me determine what this is. Would like your opinion. This has been bugging me for years.
Source ID27886