MUFON 27381

Like a balloon but with diagonal rods I was at the beach Ribban in Malm1 Sweden Lat: 55.5995531 Long: 12.9562031 My time is probably off with 50 minutes as my cameras set time probably was of meaning this would have been taken 18:21-18.27 I was looking for anything unusual excpect for the planes that land in Coopenhagen. At the same time I was thinking "reveal yourself". I waited for about 5 minutes photographing the sunset. I saw a dark object in the sky about 35 degrees up and took photos of it. I used a Canon 30D with a dusty 17-85mm lens. First photo was when I was using full zoom. This is not dust on the lense, I saw the object first and then started to photograph it. At the time I did not use RAW photos as the camera was "new" for me. Time between first and last photo is about 6 minutes. Object was keeping same speed, altitude and heading. I saw it coming from the east and it passed going north west. Lost sight of it as it became to small to see. I was happy seeing something else than airplanes, that was what I was looking for. I think it was a weather balloon but it had some rods sticking out and oval shape. If it was a weather balloon it should probably reflect light or be a bit transperent. I contacted but they dismissed it as "birds" wich I know is very unlikly. It could have been a weather balloon but I1ll let you decide.
Source ID27381