MUFON 27089

NOT AN OBJECT; unexplained visual phenomenon in North Atlantic between Greenland and Labrador in September, 2009 THIS IS NOT A UFO REPORT! This is not a prank. This is a report and images, second-hand from a co-worker I consider a credible source, of a visual phenomenon none of us were able to identify. I suspect the phenomenon is of terrestrial military (probably naval) origin, possibly classified. In September of 2009 I was working on a cruise ship traveling the North Atlantic, and spent a lot of time on deck at night looking for aurora borealis. One day one of the ship's professional photographers asked if I saw the lights the previous night. I thought he was talking about aurora but he said something like "No, they looked like searchlights coming from over the horizon." I believe he said they were static and not moving, and that he had taken the pictures which are attached (two of the seven he copied for me). It should be emphasized that at the time we had been traveling between Greenland and Labrador, I believe hundreds of miles from land and certainly many hundreds of miles away from any significant population. None of us had seen or heard of anything like this before in years of sailing experience. I was hoping you might be able to provide an explanation. I prefer to remain anonymous, but you may pass third party inquiries to me through your organization. I have the name and e-mail address of the photographer.
Source ID27089