MUFON 26967

a triangle shaped object, three lights one at each apex of the triangle, silent I had just sat in my friends hot tub outside on a dark clear and starry night - I love looking at the sky up there in the mountains because of the almost non existent light pollution - I noticed three moving lights approching from the west, from over the mountains - it moved rather slowly and steadly from the west to the east passing over my location at approximately 1/2 miles to the north of my location - it was the apparent size of a quater dollar held at arms length - It was completly silent even though I expected to hear something since it was very quiet in my immediate vicinity - I looked away from the object to see if I could notice anything else about it like when you look off to the side of a dim star - I did this several times and did notice that there was a soft dim glow in what would be the center of the triangle - I have heard of sightings of a triangle shaped object before but never really believed the reports - my thought after the sighting was simply "now what do I do" since I never did believe in this sort of experience - the object continued to the east where it became no longer observable when it reached the easteren horizon.
Source ID26967