MUFON 26576

Star-like object appears 55 degrees up from horizon due east, moving NE for 5 seconds and disappears. No sound. I was looking up at the sky from my back-yard and trying to see the stars in the dusky sky in the early evening and noticed a few dim stars. I live in a small town and the street lights hamper seeing the full night sky, but the major stars are visible. A brighter white star-like object suddenly appeared approximately 55 degrees above the horizon in the east. It was moving toward the north-east at such a steady pace I thought it must be a plane. Then it seemed to be moving more quickly than a plane. There were no blinking lights, just a steady white light. It's hard estimate it's altitude but it was easily 5 times larger than the dim stars behind it. I watched for about 5 seconds and then it simply disappeared as quickly as it appeared. At no time was there any sound from it. I stayed for another minute to hear any sound and there was none. There is still no cloud cover as I write this ten minutes later. I have seen this kind of object so often over the last three years that it's hardly an event anymore.
Source ID26576