MUFON 25533

picture taken on my game camera I have a game camera set up on a tree out in my field. I use this to watch the deer that are feeding in my field.Every couple of days or three sometime, I retrieve my memory card and bring it in to view on my camera.On the 15 th of sept. 2010 at 7:13 p.m. my game camera took a picture of two deer feeding near my camera. It is set up to take one picture every 5 minutes once the laser beam is broken. At 7:20 P.m it took another picture. This time though to can see two sphere like objects above my treeline. I am only reporting now because I delayed thinking people thought I was nuts. Approximately two years ago both my wife and i saw a ufo while we were sitting in our swimming pool one night. This was in the same area as the two. I do have pictures and would like someone to look at them. Thanks
Source ID25533