MUFON 22342

double pyramid octahedron over China Xian 2 pyramids big and small, both octahedron diamond (as double normal pyramid), over China Xian during the Lantern festival on 2010/2/28 at 8:40 am Daytime live demonstration! The Chinese Party won't allow it, let alone to appear online, if it was not true! Followed by Colombia 10 day later on March 10 - similar 2 big and small pyramids, this time tetrahedron - the "normal" pyramidal structure as we know it. Will the benevolent ET demonstrate in the way of Goa'uld ships from Stargate, staying above the cities and allowing to be recorded in daytime, but not making any friendly actions, not even saying "heloooo"? Why are chosen exactly those countries? If China is obvious with previous recorded pyramid and spirals, Colombia is not so obvious. Questions that we'd better start putting forward NOW before the seemingly inevitable landing. (english) has more on the expected landing, in publications around New Year in the frenzy of their own pyramid called "the Star Wars imperial cruiser of the president". By the way, it is recorded before 2006 when the background Hotel Rossiya was still there. Whatever it is, the Russians got it before 2006 and released it at the time of their wormhole demonstration over Obama head in Norway! The release was followed by similar videos from China - just imagine the free Chinese youtubers, whom Google doesn't like much. But now Colombia, if we do not count the very faint British pyramid. The invasion progress according to the plan! Perhaps Alex Collier is right about 20-mile structure. Perhaps David Wilcock is also right about Goa'uld to be a real leak in the form of sci-fi. More after another 10 day period? See you inside the ships!
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