MUFON 19378

bright light moving quickly across the sky while on vacation in Aruba My girlfriend and I while sitting at the rear of the hotel in Aruba on the first floor witnessed a bright light coming across the sky (moved left to right) moving much faster than a plane or helicopter (no sound). It stopped dead still at which point I say whoa and gasped because I knew this was special. It then popped straight up about 100 feet it appeared from where we sat. Then it just twinkled and disappeared like a shooting star in less than 2 seconds. (moved away right to left). We were probably a mile Away and only saw it as a bright white light. It happened so fast we did not have a camera to take a picture with. Afterwards my then girlfriend and I just sat there continuing in shock, saying to each other did you see that. After about a couple of minutes we never talked about it again for a couple of months. It took me 10 years before I could talk about what I saw. When I got married, my wife told me she had seen one when she was 12 years old, and her parents told her she had a fever. It shook all my religious beliefs and everything I has beleived in. After I digested the sighting, I realized that if what I saw was possible, then anything was possible in life. All of a sudden I believed there wasnt anything I couldnt accomlish in life if I set my mind to it. At the time I was in banking, and left to become self employed in real estate. Over the next several years I became very successful with the new beliefs I had garnered. The experience has made me a well rounded person whose mind isnt in a shell anymore. I can only talk about the sighting to people who have open minds and can accept the fact that religion isnt the only belief we have. Thanks for allowing me to share my experience with you.

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