MUFON 123516

Strange lights over Leander, TX exhibiting strange behavior I was outside drinking coffee about yesterday morning checking work emails on my phone. I heard my neighbors making a lot of noise which I thought was strange because they are typically quiet or inside so I looked over and noticed they were looking up at the sky. I looked up and saw about 15 lights and immediately began filming them. Video was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. They seemed to be at a very high altitude and exceptionally bright. I could see more of them on video than I could with my naked eyes which I found odd because they were super bright. Two of them were bright orange yet appear white on video. At first I thought military since Fort Hood is about an hour north in Killeen. I've never seen any strange military activity other than the random C-130 and military helicopters flying over. Some other people were talking about this event at our neighborhood clubhouse later in the day and so I began talking and sharing experiences. After speaking with them, apparently when they first noticed these objects they were all following each other around in a circle and then randomly dispersed and that is whenever I saw them I'm assuming. If this is true or not, I'm not sure because I wasn't able to witness it but they seemed like trustworthy people.

Source ID123516